July 6, 2022

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Resident rents in Canada rose 9%

Resident rents in Canada rose 9%

According to a study released on Tuesday, average rents in Canada rose 9% in April from a year earlier.

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Latest National Report on Residential Rents from Bullpen Research & Consulting The monthly rent for assets listed on Rentals.ca was $ 1,821 in April, down from $ 1,676 in April 2021.

According to the same study that analyzed the results of 35 Canadian cities, last month’s numbers were close to pre-pandemic levels, while prices were at a four-year low in 2021.

Montreal reaches 21And The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom home increased slightly by $ 1,489, 0.9%, while the rent for a two-bedroom home fell by 2.5% to settle at $ 1952.

Laval saw slight declines to $ 1,243 and $ 1,635 for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, respectively, down 6.5% and 8.4%, respectively.

Montreal’s average rent for condos and apartments rose 2% year-on-year in April to $ 1,701, as a return to work increased interest in homes closer to downtown.

“Average rental rates for single-family homes, townhouses and homes have grown strongly on a monthly basis,” said President Ben Myers. Bullpen Research & Consulting.

“With Vancouver and Toronto on the road, big city rents are on the rise.

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