July 6, 2022

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Press in Cannes | Tom Hanks is identical

Press in Cannes |  Tom Hanks is identical

(Cannes) “Have you ever been told you look like Tom Hanks? We’re at a world premiere party.Elvis By Baz Luhrmann, I did not dare ask her if she meant Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker, with his old pelican double chin. I even asked “How old am I?” Did not ask. She was not holding the reference to the old Oil of Ole ad.

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Mark Kasivi

Mark Kasivi

I am not yet 50 years old this year. Tom Hanks turns 66 in a month and a half. At the Palais des Festivals, on Thursday afternoon, when I went under the nose on my way to a press conferenceElvis (And I went to the bathroom), he saw my way because two dozen photographers said, “Tom! Tom! Tom! ? Or because he recognizes me as double?

“God created 40 forms for each person,” says the protagonist The boy from heaven By Tariq Saleh, the film was screened in the competition a week ago. On the way to the toilets, I also met Monia Chokri, a member of the short film jury giving away prizes on Thursday evening, then the entire Belgian film team Close, My favorite at the festival. But I miss it.

“Yeah sometimes. I answered this question about Tom Hanks when I met a young woman I met near a bar on Palais Stephanie Beach on the beach near Croydon. Mommy By Javier Dolan. Correct, Julianne Quote?

Should I admire the fact that a young woman has a vague resemblance to me as a 17-year-old senior actor, not particularly recognizable for his character traits, as he has a world-renowned specialty? I will give a second answer to that first question: Gentlemen, would you like to point out that you have all the physical characteristics of Forest Gump? Same I thought.

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What I have failed to mention is that this question, intended to be complimentary – I believe, in context – is not uninteresting. The young woman hoped that I would quietly give her the bracelet that had invited me as a guest to this private party so that she could let her friend inside.

I will not tell you whether I gave him my bracelet more or less wisely, there is a risk of further exacerbation of tendinitis on my index finger by compressing my hand to send it through a synthetic hoop. It is dangerous. I do not want anyone to like me to extend other invitations to future parties.

The young woman, however, thanked me for my courageous efforts and said she would buy me a drink soon. Then she smiled, a small, dry laugh, because the drinks were free, and she was gone immediately. Anyway, I already have a Negroni and are looking at the exit.

I’m on the red carpet of the premiere ofElvisWeaving in zigzags between starlets and their ball gowns, to sound Blue suede shoes. I left Party OfElvisWhere we served – as a tribute to the dubious flavor – fries and burgers, when DJ Rhythm consolidated Small town boy To it Tainted love, At 98.5 FM on Sundays. Because the prince did not hear any of the song.

I’ll not tell you if I still have my bracelet on, but when I got up the stairs, after walking 300 meters on the red carpet leading to the exit, dozens of onlookers were spying against the fence. Look at a star (and I’m so disappointed not to find Tom Hanks), I do not remember the security guards usually cutting off the bracelets at the exit Parties. Fortunately, because I had cold sweats

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I entered the party by cutting out a line of people trying to fit in with dozens of people with the sole belief that “I swear I’m on the list” or “I know that”. They do not have a magic bracelet. Another young woman came out of a small garden near the exit and asked if I could give her mine.

I almost never went to this very popular party. I’m not 50, as Charles Ajnaour sang, but I’m not 20. I was in a hurry to write my reviewElvis After the gala screening, it was almost midnight and my bed was giving me sweet eyes when I came out.

The party given to Albany convinced me that I had lost Future crimes By David Kronenberg, two days ago, “I’m too old to go to parties that start at midnight”. I told him I had to kick my ass and that my most mundane readers had the right to know if Priscilla was still going to clubs.

I did not wait for an opportunity with Sharon Stone, Kylie Minogue, Shakira or Emmanuel Bart – everyone appears on the red carpet – face to face with Tom Hanks, to whom I last asked the question. “Tell me Tom, do you think we look the same?” ⁇

I did not meet anyone I could find, nor did I meet Robert Lewandowski. This young woman was the only one who talked to me about wanting my bracelet without buying me a drink.

“Shame is my engine,” I said earlier, with my co-workers To have And The sun, The day before, telling them that a pen had leaked into my backpack and that it had stained not only my notebooks and my fingers, but also my white shirt collar indescribably. My Only White shirt. In the hope of being admitted to the evening and gala screenings of the festival I must wear a suit and bow tie that I took from my brother-in-law 15 years ago.

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I was reassured by the fact that my neighbor at the screening ofElvisA sister New York Times I did not notice the ink stain on my crumpled shirt that I often meet during festivals. She complimented me on my blue suit, perhaps jokingly, “Whose is this?” “. Because I never understood irony, I answered him.

Coming back from a party in Croydon Lively more than usual at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the gentlemen in suits with bo ties and women in evening gowns shrug their shoulders with teen shirts or t-shirts. . They were a few hundred people at the cinema de la Place, turning into a big karaoke while singing in chorus with Ajnavour on the occasion. “I feel less pain in the sun …”