July 3, 2022

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Vocation of France

Vocation of France

France imagined beyond the ideology it once awakened to.

In many ways, she knows how to prevent it. But if she resists it, this ideology will attack her as well. We watched this for a week with the controversy surrounding the appointment of the new Minister of National Education, Pop Ndiae, whose idea inevitably converges with the themes of vokism.


Pop Ndiae, for example, confirms that there is structural racism and systemic racism in France.

He felt that the population of immigrant origins must enter the public sphere by focusing on their skin color, although it was first necessary to define society as a set of ethnic-ethnic groups, not as a nation in which everyone was a citizen.

In faithful to this view of the subject, he proposed in a report on the future of the Paris Opera, the latter of which they proposed to take into account the sensitivity of militant minorities in costume selection and text writing. .

He also wants the Paris Opera to mobilize vast resources to find artists from around the world who meet the theoretical needs of multiculturalism. And this is once again, in a country that refuses to define those who compose by the standard of skin color. However, in opera, we should not worry about the skin color of the singer in front of us, but about his tone. Period.


In fact, the new French minister thinks like an American. He said it would be very calm. That is his strength. He was able to turn very serious thoughts into moderation. Do we need to remind you that he will carry out his duties under the ultimate authority of Emmanuel Macron?

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By appointing him, we can understand that he agreed with what his true view was about the future of France. This worries a lot of people.