July 3, 2022

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Watch Julie Belanger’s last emotional minute on the radio

Watch Julie Belanger's last emotional minute on the radio

This is a page about Julie Belonger 14 years later. He hung up his microphone on the radio.

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On Thursday, May 26, Julie Belanger last spoke to Rythme FM listeners on a show she co-hosted with Mary-Eve Janvier at lunchtime.

Naturally, needless to say the emotion was at its height as the host tried anyway to finish reading her text without crying … she was almost successful!

She wanted to devote her last minutes from the beginning, through good and bad times, to the listeners she spoke to every day. She also took some time to congratulate her colleague, her colleague, who turned out to be a friend of Mary-Eve Janvier, who seemed very moved to receive Julie’s kind words.

See the touching moment here:

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Just hours before her last animation, Julie Belanger also posted a few lines to her subscribers on Instagram.

“I am leaving today. ⁇
I turn off my microphone and I turn off my radio.
I set out to explore a new playground. I, who always have terrible endings, am serving this year! And most of all, I realized how important this is in life. It is the only way to thrive and grow, even if it makes you dizzy at times.
So lo and behold, today I spread my wings.
Thank you for the unforgettable journey.
14 years in the radio world is a very rewarding one.
@ rhythm105
7 will always have a place in my heart and thank you for that.
Thank you for everything. “

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Below the two publications, Internet users mentioned that they were very eager to find her in her new projects, and Innall thanked her. When she announced her departure in January, she explained that she had received many interesting offers from the television side, including a specific project that she had collaborated with and that was very close to her heart. It will have to follow.

At the same time, keep in mind Patrice Bélanger also recently announced his departure from radioo, to enter the vacuum professionally at the same station, but to spend more time with his boys.

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