July 6, 2022

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CFL: Hosted by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain 4 Alouettes colleagues

CFL: Hosted by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain 4 Alouettes colleagues

Montreal – An Aloyts player who sets up his trailer at the Aloyts campground and moves to the Aloyts Player yard at the end of the summer.

No such story can be found. Thanks to the Luke Brodyur-Jordine family it was able to survive, their immense hospitality only fitting with their big heart.

For years, although he was based in his native area of ​​Saint-Damas, 55 kilometers from the Olympic Stadium, Brodyur-Jordine hosted a few colleagues at his home. But let’s start the story of these beautiful adventures with the most fascinating London rice.

By the end of the interview, Brodeur-Jourdain recalled this veteran chapter in the Canadian Football League, who chose to live in the trailer to save money during his football seasons.

“He’s been traveling around Canada with his trailer, but, unfortunately, our season ends later than the campsites, so he had to leave his land,” LBJ recalled.

“Luke, would you mind if I came to your house?” Rice told him.
-My boyfriend is no problem, I was in a hurry to answer Brodyur-Jordine.

Thus Rice, the beloved giant, spent the rest of his year in the backyard of his teammate and the two men carpooled in practice and play every day.

“We all try to do what we can,” the man who is now the team and Rice’s offensive line coach explained humbly.

This gesture of partnership has reached another level as Rice Building has become a partner in a short period of time. Brodyur-Jordine expanded his home and Rice had skills in the area so he …

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