July 3, 2022

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Floods in Quebec: Saginaw in surveillance, damage in Gatino

Floods in Quebec: Saginaw in surveillance, damage in Gatino

The SaguneyLac-Saint-Jean has been monitoring the level of its rivers for the past few days due to numerous precipitation.

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The situation has also caused damage in some municipalities, such as Saint-Ambrose.

“Range 6 was completely cut in one place. We were able to close the breach and replace the defective section. There is still work to be done. We expect levels to rise, but the situation is completely under control, “said Lucien Gravel, mayor of Saint-Ambrose.

Sebastian Lake water level is high, but the situation in Saint-David-de-Flardo seems to be stable.

Park National des Montes-Wallin is also closed due to the high level of the Wallin River.

Favorable weather

A good weather forecast for the next few days will help resolve the situation near the waterways.

In addition, the Quebec Ministry of Transport should clean the roads by the end of next week.

“We can say we are lucky in terms of weather, because it is calm, we have less precipitation,” said Andrei-Anne Duchesne, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport.

Gatino in surveillance mode

Water levels have risen slightly since midnight on Friday.

However, the city of Gatino said there was no need to worry about the increase and that it would continue even during the day on Sunday.

According to experts, the Gatinau River level will drop earlier in the week, but residents are invited to keep their sandbags.

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