June 5, 2023

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Quebecars identify themselves in Legalt‌

Quebecars identify themselves in Legalt‌

Wondering why the CAQ continues to top the polls even after four years in power?

It’s very simple: Quebecars identify themselves as Franయిois Legalt.

It’s not that complicated.

Year employee

Legalt looks like the average Kubaker: he’s a good jack, he’s not a chicken.

When he speaks to Ottawa, he does not demand, claim and claim.

Asks. Hat in hand, as if a farmer were addressing his lord.

And when we say no to him, he does not get angry.

He quietly returns to the National Assembly, shrugging his shoulders.

And the Quebecars will not catch him in any way.

On the contrary: they congratulated him, at least he said he tried.

What do you want, he’s like, Kubeser.

Good flour, good yummy.

As Richard Desjardins sang:

“When I was about to become a better person / When I had to be quiet / I got myself to pay my bills / had to learn English / I really did learn it

“Put me underwear / made me read the Gazette / made me check sports / made me count the dead

“Money comes in / not much, stays / my laminated photo / year employee …”

Quebeckers mean the same thing.

Good guy.

Who wouldn’t ask for more.

Who are less satisfied.

And do not make too many waves.

Are we insulting him? He does not answer.

He does not even demand an apology.

Nice big coat jeans

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois likes to compare Franకోois Legalt to Duplessis.

In fact, like chefs, our PM loves to give gifts to his members (refrigerators for one, $ 500 checks for another).

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But in terms of personality radius, we are different.

Because Duplessis has a character! Do not hesitate to raise his voice! To hit your fists on the table! His tricks are legends!

With Legalt అయితే, however, we are in line with Boursa.

We whisper but do not bite.

And then, another feature that Quebeckers like in their PM: he hates ideologies.

QS Social Justice. PCQ, freedom. PQ, Sovereignty. PLQ, English Rights.

These parties have a nail, have one and keep hitting it.

The CAQ gene looks like a couture pharmacy. You can find everything there, even a friend.

Licorice ముందుకు forward, tablets backward. And middle-aged diapers.

Are polls saying Cubans like cucumber pie? We are going to make them on cucumber pie.

We will never go where they want to go.

Unlike the PQ tanners who want to pull the Quebec people up and lead them towards the green pastures of sovereignty, Mr. Legalt is not a locomotive.

He is a companion.

He listens to us, shaking his head as if he has shrunk. And repeat what we said.

Knock knock knock

We get the governments we deserve.

The day the Quebecars get angry, they have an angry government.

Until then, they will vote for the CAQ.

24 Sussex waits patiently outside the door, holding a hat in his hand and spitting on his back …