July 6, 2022

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The parking ban is making people unhappy

The parking ban is making people unhappy

Traders in the district of Sillary are urging the city of Quebec to reconsider its decision to ban parking on the streets of the area for the duration of the mosaicures to be displayed at the Park du Bois-de-Coolong from June 24 to 10. October.

Of these, 71 signed a petition to this effect addressed to Mayor Bruno Marchand.

In response to fears and security concerns that their streets will be taken over during the event, the city announced that parking in the border areas will be banned from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

However, visitors can use the three iA Financial Group parking spaces. Other paid parking spaces are also nearby.

For traders, this is nonsense.

“We’ve been in Kovid for two years, we’re starting to get our heads out of the water. We have a good street, we’re telling people: Look at us in Magir, but you can not park near it. It’s a little ridiculous,” said Francois, who inspired the chocolatier Eddie Laurent. Lemir said.

In a press release, City assured: “… Magire’s commercial sector will not be affected by the amendment of the rules for on – street parking and only residential streets that are not used by commercial customers will be affected”.

But this is not enough for Mr. Lemire. “The quadrangle they cut into the parking lots is huge,” he explained.

He also criticized the Marchand administration for not thinking about the traders and not consulting them before making such a decision.