July 6, 2022

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IKEA workers on strike on Saturday

IKEA workers on strike on Saturday

Employees at the IKEA store in Montreal will go on strike on Saturday for the first day in a row, prompting customers to make their purchases.

As many as 500 employees of a well-known furniture store voted in favor of the 10-day strike on Friday evening, with a huge majority (97%), without a contract since December 31.

Whatever Rainville / VAT news

During their first day of strike, on Saturday, several employees went to the site to set up a picket line.

“All union members are respected [le mandat de grève] It was voted on, ”said Laurent Soumis, a spokesman for the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN).

It is difficult to estimate the number of people in picket lines because it can vary according to the general shifts of employees.

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IKEA customers may have to wait as none of the employees are on duty. “If someone inside the customer serves, it’s the manager,” Mr. Soumys said.

As the Swedish multinational seeks to employ more subcontractors, the union is struggling to retain the jobs of its members.

The issue of wages has also been an important topic in the negotiations since March.

Union members are demanding a pay rise.

Currently, a new employee earns $ 15.60 an hour, while union members are asking at least $ 16.90 an hour.

Julie Quote, with information from QMI Agency