July 3, 2022

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Discriminated “white” artist

Discriminated "white" artist

Because she is “white”, percussionist Melissa Lavergne was recently appointed representative to 36.E The festival had to withdraw its edition of Nuits D’Afric, especially under the pressure of a small radicalized communist constellation, which felt that only “Black” could play the role it was supposed to play during a festive season. “Or a” black “…

No matter what anyone says to justify this pathetic sectarian pose, Melissa Lavergne is completely and simply a victim of discrimination. What do these people regularly (and correctly) condemn in relation to themselves …

Also, Melissa Lavergne is not a liar. She had an Africa tattoo on her heart. More than 99.9% of the people who opposed the idea of ​​her being a representative of the festival were inspired by her subtle skills and embodied it in her art.

It’s not a preconception

This violation is a reminder of the cancellation of the SLĀV show in 2018 at 39.E Montreal International Jazz Festival. Melissa is a dangerous example who paved the way for exactly what is happening today with Lavergne and 36E Edition of the Festival Nuts d’Afric.

For those who have forgotten, keep in mind that SLĀV is a show inspired by various chapters in the history of black slavery in America. Performance by two “whites”, Robert LePage and Betty Boniface.

But, for some radicalized people on the left, it’s not a question of SLĀV being directed by “white” Robert LePage. There is no doubt that Betty Boniface, the “white man”, understands the main character of this play.

SLĀV also found echo in the pages of the affair New York Times, American Billboard and The Guardian. As a result, the Montreal International Jazz Festival withdrew SLĀV from its program …

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By holding others hostage to their skin color, the followers of communism once again demonstrated their discriminating ability.

We are in Quebec

We chose Living Together in Quebec; Interculturalism. Not living separately; Multiculturalism, the incubator of communism, the watershed of discrimination, racism and sectarian inequalities.

In Quebec, we are a force to be reckoned with and to bring together talents and forces to reduce racism and discrimination. Instead of holding each person hostage to their skin color we tend to recognize their universality.

So, we can not say with those who make melanin the primary choice standard for promoting African music, especially through the media in Quebec.

If that does not escape me, I do not hear “blacks” complaining about the fact that “blacks” play a major role in Quebec, especially on the occasion of National Day or even within the framework of higher education or political offices.