July 6, 2022

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Fake ‘Big Draw’: He cheats his friends over $ 500,000

Fake 'Big Draw': He cheats his friends over $ 500,000

The naive swindler stole more than $ 500,000 from his own friends, he wanted to hand over millions in the ‘big raffle’, among other things, he could not escape from prison, everything had to be repaid.

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“[Les victimes] Not the wealthy, some have lost their homes, savings, retirement.E Crown’s Denise Trotier, in Montreal court this Monday.

Immediately, the prosecutor sentenced Gula Jr. Barta, a naive fraudster who attacked dozens of victims between 2009 and 2015, to 3 years in prison.

First, Barta, 60, presented himself as a “very successful broker,” as we can read in the summary of the facts of the case. Mainly targeted friends and acquaintances and requested him promising to raise their money. After the funds arrived, Barta used the money to continue his small lifestyle and pay his rent.

“He reported great general knowledge, extensive knowledge on various subjects and his dialogue was always interesting and relevant, which indicated the essence of the facts. He was extraordinary in showing extraordinary humor.

Barta was able to defraud a real estate broker from $ 125,000, while another lost $ 45,900. Victims who surrendered to Barta’s promises also dragged their families into these false investments, costing them tens of thousands of dollars.

Seeking to fill his pockets further, Bertha devised a new scheme targeting his acquaintances who were in financial difficulties.

“He invites his friends to a meeting where he will be presented with an unprecedented wealth prize by Raffles with $ 3.25 million in cash prizes,” the summary of facts reads.

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In addition to participating in this “draw”, interested parties must make a “small financial contribution” to reserve their seats.

“The more money a person puts in, the more likely they are to win a large amount,” the summary of facts stated.

Barta pocketed tens of thousands of dollars, but promised to hand over the money to the participants later this evening. Naturally, that never happened and instead he was met by researchers. Convicted, he eventually pleaded guilty to several fraud charges.

“I think endlessly about the financial loss I have caused in your lives and families because of my lies, the dreams you have dreamed of and the friendships you have lost,” Barta said during the hearing on Monday.

He said he was deeply remorseful and “very ashamed” and was willing to pay for his crimes. He said he was prepared to repay the amount defrauded as part of the indemnity penalty, but suggested a minimum sentence of two years per day.

Barta has 10 years to return the money to his victims, failing which he faces an additional three years in prison.

Judge Robert is due to hand down his sentence next month.