July 3, 2022

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The island began to be devastated by a fire for filming a TV series

The island began to be devastated by a fire for filming a TV series

The Italian film crew lost control of the fire they started for an episode of the series about civil defense. Result: Various European media reports say that half of the island’s vegetation where the shooting took place was destroyed.

Filmed for Italian public television, the “Protegion Civil” (Civil Protection) series was set up on the small volcanic island of Stromboli near Sicily. Ironically, the series was inspired by the Italian Civil Defense, which has a responsibility to protect the population from natural disasters.

However, on May 26, members of the technical team went to the volcano and lit a small fire, which they had to control and extinguish quickly.

Unfortunately, things got a lot worse. Siroko, a very hot and dry air, blew over the embankment and helped spread the flames throughout much of the island.

Six hectares of maquis, or half of the island’s vegetation, were burned by a day and night fire.

The island’s fire station was engulfed in flames, a restaurant had to be evacuated and about 50 residents were forcibly evacuated from their homes.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported from the fire. However, the island’s residents are angry against the product.

“But how can they start a fire when Siroko is blowing. How can someone who shoots fiction on civil protection not know that?”, The mayor of a neighboring island announced in an interview with Italian media courier Della Cera.

The investigation was initiated by a prosecutor, but the Italian public television RAI denied any liability. Instead, it blamed the production company responsible for the series.

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