July 5, 2022

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Allegations of misconduct in UPAC: “These are our lies”

Allegations of misconduct in UPAC: "These are our lies"

The decision by the DPCP in September 2018 sent shockwaves through the UPAC not to compete on the request of MP Guy Allet to reclaim its seized property, with its spokesman Anne-Frederick Lawrence in tears.

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This was stated by UPAC Communications employee Matthew Delisley to a BEI researcher.

“AFL is not happy, she’s hysterical. […] She runs [sic] Everywhere. Robert goes to the office in the AFL, and I understand that Robert Lafrenier can pacify her. ”

Before closing the door on former UPAC bosses, Delisley overheard Anne-Frederick Lawrence say in a troubled way: “Robert is our liar. “That’s our stone.” ⁇

The document does not state that it was any lie or any Peter.

In April 2016, journalist Louis Lacroix reported in a report News The man, who identified himself as “Pierre”, contacted at least four journalists and, in a confidential manner, provided evidence collected by UPAC.

Lafrenier and Lawrence spent about 10 to 15 minutes in the office together, according to the notes of the police officer investigating Delisley.

Subsequently, Robert Lafrenier would return to his office and Anne-Frederick Lawrence would come out with a box. “She gives thumbs up to everyone. She leaves and never comes back [sic] More ”, it was written.

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