July 3, 2022

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Awards | Many Quebec restaurants in Canada are 100 Best

Awards |  Many Quebec restaurants in Canada are 100 Best

After a one-year pandemic break, the list goes on Canada’s 100 Best Back to 2022. Many companies in Quebec specialize in this year’s 100 of the best restaurants in the country, including Win Mon Lapin. Top 10.

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Iris Gagnon Paradise

Iris Gagnon Paradise

For this first “post-pandemic” list, the company changed its ways somewhat, instead of judging as in the past, asking judges to vote for the best food they could find anywhere. , Including complete restaurant experience, service, decor, wine listing, etc. A dozen new people also joined the jury for this new edition.

Photo by Sarah Anand, Canadian Press

Published by Vancouver at Main Restaurant tops charts.

The restaurant, published in Maine, Vancouver, won the award for Best Restaurant this year, followed by the stunning Toronto Gourmet Table Alo. A Vancouver restaurant dedicated to St. Lawrence, Quebec and French cuisine, owned by Quebec chef Jean-Christophe Poyer, completes the podium. In fourth place is Pearl Morrissette, a popular restaurant in the vineyard of the same name, in Jordan Station, Ontario, followed by Longdon Hall in Cambridge, with a table illuminating local and seasonal products in fifth place.

Win Mon Lapin of Montreal was sixth. The establishment of Chef Mark-Olivier Frappier and Sommelier Vanya Filippovic specializes in its expansion, managing when dining rooms are closed, with a sparkling approach to vegetables and bold combinations of local ingredients.

  • Le Pichai is ranked 45th and is also in the top 20 of the best new restaurants.

    Photo by Franకోois Roy, Law Press Archives

    Pichai finished 45thE Position and also part Top 20 Best New Restaurants.

  • Pablo and Ari Shore from Beba Restaurant

    Photo by Oliver Jean, Law Press Archives

    Pablo and Ari Shore from Beba Restaurant

  • Emperor

    Photo by Oliver Pontbryand, Law Press Archives


  • Opened during the epidemic, the 69th-ranked Gia also appears on the list of best new restaurants.

    Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press Archives

    Opened during the pandemic, Zia in 69E The place also appears on the list of best new restaurants.

  • Paloma, ranked 85th

    Photo by Marco Campanozi, Press Archives

    In Paloma, 85E Position

1/ 5

Otherwise, many establishments in Montreal, as well as some restaurants in Quebec City or the region are listed. Among them, there are many classics and established places, but also some new arrivals. Everyone picks themselves up Top 50: Baby (16E Square), monarch (17E), L’Express (21E), Le Mouso (24E), Joe Beef (26E), Montreal Plaza (31E), Pastel (39E), Pichai (45E) And June I (49E)

Also included are Win Papillon, Alma, Maison Public, Nora Gray, Milos, Marconi, La Tannier, Gia, Ile Flotante, La Cabin d’Cote, Les Fogers, Mustard, Beau Mont, Paloma, Batuto, Elena and ARVI. The last section of the chart contains 51 to 100 positions.

The list of the 20 best new restaurants in the country was also unveiled simultaneously. Major Tom of Toronto was in first place. It has the following Quebec establishments: Pichai, Gia and Mustard.

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