February 23, 2024

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Legalt like Caesar before Rubicon

Legalt like Caesar before Rubicon

Franకోois Legalt demanded additional powers from Ottawa in the field of immigration.

Undoubtedly, the French need to get them if they are seriously concerned about the future.

But what interests me here is the political calculation behind this very clever maneuver.

The CAQ knows he will be re-elected.

The only danger is that winning by a huge majority will attract many voters to themselves by keeping them away from the ballot box or voting for another party.


In order not to break the potential pool of its support, the CAQ must provide a compelling reason to vote for it.

The reason must be strong: Reward us for governing relatively well in the most complex situations, despite our shortcomings.

With this request, Franకోois Legalt brings the debate to a field favorable to him.

On the one hand, it is difficult to find greater consensus demand than in Quebec.

It is an edge of the business world and is strongly opposed only by the staunch proponents of Canadian multiculturalism.

On the other hand, the theme is bothering other parties.

This reduces the value of the card that PQ plays perfectly. The CAQ can say: this is not the only PQ that is concerned about the future of the country.

He also runs a stake in PLQ’s stomach.

Mrs. Angled, who no longer knew where to go, wanted to reconnect the PLQ with Francophone voters.

Anglophones and allophones controlling the PLQ dragged his strap and MMe Angled is now resuming their insane refrain about Quebec’s lack of “openness”.

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As we saw during the discussions on secularism and language, the CAQ also sees the difficulty of raising immigration and, more broadly, identity questions in QS.

QS is in fact a strange group of federalist multiculturalists and pseudo-sovereigns whose nationalism suffers from erectile dysfunction.

It may be objected that he already had this strong command demanded by Franకోois Legalt.

But immigration was not a major issue in his 2018 election speech.

Being elected on this theme, Franకోois Legalt said of Ottawa: When I speak, the vast majority of Quebec people speak to me.

Plan b

So far, the Ottawa CAQ has said no to all government demands, showing that we are no longer afraid of Quebec.

Quebec has no energy balance because its government has no alternative plan.

Power struggle means you can not refuse when you have to give anything because it is very dangerous to say no to you.

For the moment, after each rejection, Franకోois Legalt was chomping at the bit until the next rejection.

Like CAQ, QS is also a complex. Intolerance grows in its nationalist section.

The truth was approaching for her. Serious things will start after he is re-elected.

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