July 3, 2022

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Judgment of the Depp-Heard Trial: “No winner (…) both beaten”

Judgment of the Depp-Heard Trial: "No winner (...) both beaten"

Despite Johnny Depp filing a defamation suit against Amber Heard and having to pay him $ 15 million, the two actors lost in this lengthy legal process, criminal lawyer Mee Conrad Lord estimates.

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“There are no winners in such cases. Both are skinny, ”Mr. Lord said in an interview with LCN.

The latter opinion is that the careers of the two ex-wives were damaged by this affair which was widely publicized by the media.

“This is a Wadevillian trial because it is live in the United States,” the lawyer said.

As for the verdict, it gives more reason for Johnny Depp to be able to convince the jury that he was not violent, Conrad Lord believes. For the offender, Kate Moss’ testimony was crucial in the actor’s success.

“He was a useless man who came to testify,” said Lord Conrad.

The lawyer is of the opinion that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard would benefit from resolving the case through mediation and especially without resolving the media hype surrounding the trial.

My Lord believes there is a lesson to be learned from this trial.

“Writing that identifies another person and says things in the blink of an eye can quickly tarnish people’s reputation,” he explained.

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