July 6, 2022

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“There’s the city of Montreal!”

"There's the city of Montreal!"

Has the city of Montreal implemented a new policy to install its parking signs in the metropolis?

This is a question a citizen asked himself when he noticed on Tuesday that parking signs had been erected on a young tree in the center-sud district of Montreal.

The panels are attached to the plant at eye level with plastic tie-wraps.

It is impossible for anyone traveling on Champlain Street near Logan to miss a particular scene.

Since attaching your bike to a tree in Montreal is particularly forbidden, this procedure raises the eyebrows, damaging them and damaging their growth.


But why are parking signs like this? Is it the work of City of Montreal employees?

The City Media Relations Department, which was contacted about this, concluded that this was not a compliant way to install Signage.

“Therefore, as soon as we were informed, a team from the Ville-Marie borough was dispatched to the scene. The codes were removed and the situation was quickly corrected. Verifications are being made to understand what happened, “said media relationist Hugo Borgoin via email to TVANouvelles.ca.

The person who took the picture wondered if it was the neighbors who wanted to reinstall the fallen posters.

“Installing emblems on trees is definitely not in the practices of teams in the city because it risks damaging them,” Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante’s cabinet responded in its part.

People are invited to contact 311 to report any problems with the road network.