July 5, 2022

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Sophie Thebalt at 5 pm under the authority of TVA

Sophie Thebalt at 5 pm under the authority of TVA

The departure of Pierre Bruneau after 46 years of service has led to major changes in TVA’s news coverage. Sophie Thibault, who has been the anchor of TVA Novelles at 10pm for 20 years, will be in charge of TVA Novelles at 5pm and 6pm from the start of the school year and will be replaced by Pierre-Olivier Zappa at the end. Evening.

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Sophie Thibault delivers news from Monday to Thursday from 5 to 6:30 pm, stepping into the shoes of her colleague Pierre Bruno, who will retire on June 16th.

Xavier Brassard-Bédard, general manager and editor of TVA and LCN, spoke about the “long process” of coming to advertising on Thursday.

“When Pierre Bruno announced his departure, many raised their hands, it was for sure. It was a historic change and we have not seen anywhere else in Canada, a newscaster who has been there for almost half a century, in the same position as Pierre,” he told the QMI agency.

Sophie Thibault, a 34 – year – old journalist at TVA, became the first woman in North America to anchor a major news bulletin at 10 a.m. on May 27, 2002. Presenting TVA Novelles at 5pm and 6pm is her command of faith and continuity.

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“It was an incredible challenge and I humbly stepped into these big shoes because it was 46 years after Pierre Bruno. I can not replace Pierre who can not be replaced. I’re really moved by the confidence of my bosses,” said Sophie Thibault. And provoke a “change of rhythm”, leading to being at the heart of important events, even on weekends and holidays.

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“Compared to TVA Novelles at 10 pm it is a different way to reach the news. I will try to put my signature on it, we will try to create a new version keeping everything going well, because it is also a formidable locomotive, TGV. We will change the drivers, but the train will remain the same, we will not clutter the engine, ”she continued.

Note that on Friday, from 5pm and 6pm on TVA Nouvelles, Julie Marcox will take over from Sophie Thibault.


“It’s important for our people to grow internally, to show that they are highly capable. We must not forget that we are No. 1,” said Javier Brassard-Bedard.

In the case of Pierre-Olivier Zappa, who has been with TVA for ten years, taking stock that day from Monday to Thursday, at 10pm, is a big promotion.

“It simply came to our notice then. Pierre and Sophie have always been people for young people. As soon as I arrived, I benefited from their valuable advice, comments and encouragement. I would like to say a special thank you to them for getting this order, “He congratulated his parents on passing, including his father who taught editing at a very young age. “I want to make a newsletter as close to the people as I did in the ‘Vos Affairs’ program.”

The 34-year-old journalist watches TVA Novelles at 10pm and maintains this LCN daily host with extensive team support. At the age of 12, he read a news bulletin during a break when he visited LCN studios, which confirmed his career choice from the age of 5.

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As for Michelle Jean, who has already been in charge of the TVA network since last August, his command runs from 12 noon to 2 pm every day for two hours at the beginning of the school year.