July 6, 2022

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Canada has not ruled out sending more troops to Europe

Canada has not ruled out sending more troops to Europe

According to Minister Melanie Jolie, Canada could send more troops to Eastern Europe if the situation requires it.

As he was passing through Quebec Citadel to meet with his comrades from the Baltic countries, the Foreign Minister recalled that 3,400 Canadian soldiers were “in reserve”, many of whom were near Quebec.

“So if NATO wants more Canadian presence, we know NATO has 3,400 soldiers. And why is this relevant to the people here in Quebec, most of these soldiers come from [la base militaire de] Walcartier, “said Mr.Me Jolie at a US press conference with representatives from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

However, there is no question of sending troops to Ukraine.

According to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), 495 troops from Valcartier are currently deployed in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe as part of the “Refugee” Anti-Mission.

By autumn, many should be home and troops from other regiments will be replaced to maintain Canadian presence.

Significant expansion

Nearly 1,300 CAF members are currently on Latvian soil, at the moment recycling Canada’s largest international military deployment.

Latvian Foreign Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica stressed the “gratitude” of her people for their support for Canada.

“Russia’s aggression on Ukraine has drastically changed the world situation,” she added.

Diplomatic talks focused on coordinating efforts to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ensuring “collective security” and preventing energy and food crises arising from the conflict.

“We are also putting maximum pressure on the Putin administration by imposing serious sanctions and we are having an undeniable impact,” she said.Me Cool.

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China acrobatics are worrying

On another occasion, Minister Jolie said he was “very concerned” by the recent deployments of Chinese aircraft, which, according to the Canadian military, pose a security risk to some of its personnel.

“This is definitely an issue that I will raise, because I am very concerned about the issue,” Ms. said.Me Jolie talks about the “important gesture,” but avoids taking the whole thing too seriously.

The incidents were reported between April 26 and May 26, 2022 as part of a reconnaissance operation to prevent North Korea from overcoming international sanctions.

In some cases, the CAF says patrolling aircraft need to quickly change their own route to avoid a potential collision.

According to a CAF statement released on Wednesday, such “interactions” are “increasing” in international airspace.