July 6, 2022

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Two vehicles of Canada’s self-proclaimed “Queen” were seized in Quebec

Two vehicles of Canada's self-proclaimed "Queen" were seized in Quebec

Sûreté du Québec (SQ) yesterday afternoon, on the Gasp Peninsula, seized at least two vehicles belonging to a convoy equipped with the self-proclaimed “queen” of Canada.

Romana Dido’s visit to Rocher-Perce’s MRC will cost her a lot.

The Canadian conspirator, who was called to kill the medical staff who were vaccinating against Kovid-19, was walking in a convoy with his fans and several recreational vehicles yesterday afternoon.

She’s hard not to notice: Canada’s self-proclaimed “Queen” face and flags are printed on the bodies of her vehicles.

The red light burned

When SQ arrested one of its drivers for driving a red light at Route 132 and the Jacques-Cartier Avenue intersection, Romana Dido’s convoy was driving more precisely in the small town of Chandler.

“It was the last vehicle in the convoy of at least four. We intercepted him and issued a $ 173 ticket to the driver for driving at a red light. Then, the police checked the drivers of other vehicles, ”explained SQ spokesman Sergeant Louis-Philippe Bebu.

Results? SQ seized an SUV and another recreational vehicle for 30 days from M’s convoy.Me Didulo.

Not allowed …

“The driver of the recreational vehicle is driving without a license. […] The driver of the SUV, for his part, was driving a vehicle that did not allow for circulation. In short, his plate is not right, ”said Sergeant Beau.

He said the two drivers each received a confession of $ 494. SQ said most of those arrested in the convoy were “from outside Quebec Province”.

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The Log The incident was reported after the police intervention in the social network Telegram was filmed and shared by Romana Didu. On this platform, the infamous Conspiracy Therapist assured his fans that he “did not break any law.”

“The Queen of the Kingdom of Canada is currently at the Chalet Nature Ocean in Percy, Quebec,” she wrote in her final message this afternoon to reassure her followers.