July 6, 2022

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Elise Luggage | Fluctuations of quarantine

Elise Luggage |  Fluctuations of quarantine

Elise Lagas loves love stories and romantic comedies. Meeting with the authorThe chance that we will love one another, 1. Dear Dolores, The first part of the trilogy about a woman who sees her life upside down. Nice reading for the beautiful days to come, all humor.

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Olivia Levy

Olivia Levy

Author Wadeville also loves knocking on doors, surprises and turns. This is what awaits us Dear DoloresThe first part of a trilogy, which immerses us in the universe of Dolores, in her presentation, leads a perfect life.

The mother of three boys, Atlas, Orion and Hermes, she is associated with an arrogant movie superstar named Frank and lives in a big and beautiful house. Her life changes when he tells her that he wants to change their couple back and separate in order to maintain a public relationship with other women. Dolores returns to her hometown where she left off 20 years ago and accepts the garage her father gave her. The action caused an electric shock in the village, which did not see Dolores’ return from the big city with good vision. “Dolores is a very complete, intrusive woman, a garage owner who wears velvet high heels while repairing cars,” exclaims author Elise Lagase, whom we met.

Speaking of quarantine

The author Élise Lagacé explores many themes: the family we left behind, the couple going bad, the midlife crisis, the responsibilities we fled to and life in the countryside. “I grew up in the countryside and I live in Lanaudier, north of Joliet. There is a true community spirit, it is very strong, we are all connected to each other, like a little big family. The mutual help we find in my novel is the complete acceptance of one another. We live in old houses, we all know each other. People who hate love-hate relationships, jealousy and the lives of others are obvious, ”she explains.

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This life is, of course, fraught with unexpected events, good and bad surprises, sometimes painful, especially when difficult decisions have to be made. And when you are in your forties, you have three kids and responsibilities, you sometimes want to give up everything.

I need to say something about entering my forties, an age I always considered a deadline for women. In my childhood, a friend in his forties remembered that he did not like women his age, because in the morning he felt difficult. It recognized me so much, it was so awful.

Elise Luggage

“It simply came to our notice then. I am 42 years old now and I am much better about myself than I am 25 years old. And women are much more satisfied. We are free from everything, we know what we want, we enjoy, we take responsibility. That’s exactly what I did when writing this trilogy. The chance that we will love each other, Same title! Can we stop separating and love each other! ⁇

Photo by Dominic Gravel, Press

Élise Lagacé, authorThe chance that we will love each other

Ellis Lagas has worked for a long time as an editor or promoter at various publishing houses. She admitted that it was difficult to come forward. “It took me a long time. Writing has always been my goal, my life, who I am, it is part of me. I love to tell stories, and I live with my characters that sometimes amaze me. I have a lot of ideas and hence it is a trilogy. ⁇

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She assured that readers will enjoy (we confirm!) With this book, which is her second novel, and that the sequel is hopeful that her characters are out of control. “I like literature that entertains, at the same time makes you think, I like reading to be enjoyable and enjoyable! ⁇

Dollars in songs

The music has a special place in this novel as each chapter corresponds to the title of the song. The DJ Dolly profile was created on Spotify and Deezer and we found Chere Dolorès in his list of 50 songs. A very diverse selection from Julian Clerk to Lionel Richie by Missy Elliott, The Beatles and Robert Charleboys. “It simply came to our notice then. I find it interesting to provide text with music, which is a way of creating a real universe for the character of Dolores who is a DJ. ⁇

The chance that we will love one another, 1. Dear Dolores

The chance that we will love each other1. Dear Dolores

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336 pages