July 6, 2022

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Future jobs: Mining mechanics paid $ 40 an hour on the 1st day

Future jobs: Mining mechanics paid $ 40 an hour on the 1st day

Mining companies are snapping up our graduates in heavy equipment mechanics, offering up to $ 40 an hour when they leave school, which appeals to those who dream of first-paying work experience.

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“A few years ago it was considered an ungrateful act. Today, it’s the profession of the future, very technical, ”explained Maxim Tylefer, a construction machinery mechanic at the Mont-Laurier Vocational Training Center.

“The same excites young people,” adds a man who has been a teacher for 16 years after completing a career in the forest.

According to the Commission de la Construction du Quebec, job opportunities in the sector are high due to the “very significant aging” of the workforce.

“The stereotype of a mechanic who has become dirty and has big, tough physical days is no longer realistic,” Maxim Tilfer emphasized.

From father to son

Carl Oullet, 17, a construction machinery mechanic student, has been part of his DNA since his first days in the mechanics forest.

“My father was a heavy machinery mechanic. I’m always done mechanics with him since I was very young, ”he said,“ we’re in a lot of jungle here. I must have been seven when I started going there, ”he recalled.

After his classes, Carl wants to go to work in Aullet North and return to work with his father in Grand-Rims, Autouis.

“It’s crazy. Salaries are good, and companies are looking for a way out,” concluded the man, who heads north at 49.E In parallel.

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