July 3, 2022

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Quebec Liberal Party | Carlos Letao does not want re-election

Quebec Liberal Party |  Carlos Letao does not want re-election

(Quebec) Liberal veteran Carlos Letao is no surprise to be included in the list of elected members of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ).

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Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

In an interview with Radio-Canada, former finance minister in the Philippe Coulard government confirmed that he would leave politics at the end of his mandate. Although Robert-Baldwin is a member he plans to get involved by contributing exclusively to the development of his political party’s election platform, which will also be unveiled on June 11 during the PLQ General Council.

Carlos Letao has had a lot of snow time in Salon Blue in recent weeks as he hunted down the Legalt government over runaway inflation and called for action to mitigate its impact on Quebecars. Leader Dominic Angled opened the ball of questions for the Liberals almost the entire week when he was on tour in the Gaspaci.

A possible new mandate for a 66-year-old liberal tanner would be 70 years old at the end. His name was added to the list of veterans of the organization who did not launch blocks in the next fall general election. In early May, his colleague Pierre Arcand also confirmed that he was leaving politics. Mr. With Leitão’s departure, the number of elected officials seeking a new mandate in 2022 rose to 12, almost half of the 27 – member Caucasus.

Carlos Letao was elected MP in 2014 for Robert-Baldwin’s ride. He served as finance minister under the sole command of the government of Philip Coulard (2014-2018).

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