July 3, 2022

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The end of the largely absent Queen Elizabeth Jubilee celebrations

The end of the largely absent Queen Elizabeth Jubilee celebrations

The 70th anniversary of the historic reign of Queen Elizabeth II came to a close on Sunday with a huge parade through the streets of London, amidst declining health.

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At the end of the parade “God Save the Queen” (which ends outside the palace with the national anthem “God”), the 96-year-old emperor struggles to walk, and Buckingham Palace does not say whether he will appear again. Protect the queen).

It is estimated that about 10,000 soldiers, dancers, puppet makers and artists will be there. The 260-year-old Golden State Carriage Parade, traditionally used for weddings and coronations, will kick off. The Queen will not be there, but Buckingham Palace says digital images will recreate her coronation magic in June 1953.

Ed Sheeran is also expected at the end as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth, always the most popular, and her husband Prince Philippe, who died last year.

Hoping that the rain will not spoil the party, more than 10 million people are set to attend jubilee lunches among neighbors on Sunday, joyfully celebrating the Queen’s historic reign, a symbol of stability, intimacy and secrecy in a century of great uprisings.

Many who attended the four-day celebrations took advantage of the weekend’s major holiday to discover the Platinum Jubilee’s historical perspective. The British monarch did not rule for so long and is unlikely to break this record in the future: Crown Prince Charles is 73 years old, his son William, second in line, soon to be 40 years old.

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AFP Julie Blewitt, 56, who came from the north of England for the festivities, explained that “this is a unique opportunity and it will never happen again.” “It would not be the same without the Queen.”

On Thursday, Elizabeth II appeared bright but weak, leaning on a cane to greet tens of thousands of people gathered near the palace, with 17 members of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

But due to “some inconvenience” she did not attend Friday’s religious service in her honor at St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was attended by 2,000 guests, including 50 members of the royal family.

On Saturday, this horse racing enthusiast did not even attend the famous Epsom Derby, where jockeys set up an honor guard that went to Princess Anne, who represented her. The Queen, who has never lost an appointment during her 70-year reign, watched it on television.

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, refers to it more often.

The transition is taking place, and although the Queen has no intention of retiring, she is preparing them for the next one, in line with her promise to serve her people for the rest of her life in 1947.

“We look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm,” she wrote at the beginning of the jubilee celebrations. Already in February, the date on which she officially reached the age of 70, she wrote to them: “I know that when my son Charles is king at full time, you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support. You gave me Elizabeth II at that time a sensitive question in the United Kingdom. Decided, it will be Camilla’s future title, she will be the Queen Consort.

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Inheritance may not be easy, however, Charles is far less popular than his mother, with 50% favoring opinions against 75%. Only 32% of Britons think he’s a good king (YouGov, April 2022). And the monarchy was challenged during recent visits by members of the royal family to the enslaved past of the British Empire.

“They need to rebuild themselves for the new generations,” Mark Cornell, from North England, told the Jubilee, admitting he was not an unconditional fan.