July 6, 2022

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At 63, Normond Brathwaite is not thinking about retirement at all

At 63, Normond Brathwaite is not thinking about retirement at all

Celebrating 63rd and 20thE Year of issue Belle and Bum, Normond Brathwaite is far from thinking about retirement. The man who comes on stage again this summer wants to pursue his life goal for a long time: to provide a platform for new and lesser known artists.

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Normand Brathwaite could not have believed that show 20 years ago Beautiful and bum It will air even after two decades. However, 20E The season of the show has been confirmed; Its broadcast is scheduled for September 2022.

“I do not intend to stop,” said the host and comedian Newspaper Met during rehearsals for the play Saint-Mary-la-Mauderne. We can change the form, but I think it’s very important. If there is a sequel to this, once it is done, I would love to be a part of it. I do not know yet. “

However, Normond Brathwaite emphasizes that he hopes to continue to be involved in programs and music projects for as long as possible. After participating in a podcast with Mike Ward and Denise Drolet, the host had an idea: imagining and presenting his own podcast. The show brings together a small band and friends of musicians and its purpose is the same. Beautiful and bum : Shedding light on artists we have not heard of anywhere else. All through the concept of providing more freedom in terms of views and program duration.

However, the facilitator wants to focus first on next year – 20E! – of Beautiful and bum. It is not impossible to be a show director working with him on his podcast project.

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“I’m working on it,” he confirmed. I want to spend my time on content‌ rather than as a producer. In fact, I want to reach 5 minutes and half an hour after opening, I have to put the white glass in front of me. There, I enjoy the company of my musician friends (laughs).

Back to the theater

We thank singer-songwriter Michael Reward for persuading Normand Brathwaite to return to the Gilles-Vignolt Theater in Saint-Jerome this summer. In the living room Saint-Mary-la-Maudern, Based on the movie script The Great Seduction, Written by Kent Scott, Brathwaite plays Yvonne Brunett, the furious best friend of Mayor Jermaine Lesage (Michelle Reward). Fool Jean Jr. is an actor who interprets the famous doctor.

“Michelle Reward is a songwriter, I’m not, but I’m always rubbed the edge of the music and Mitchell always rubbed the edge of the theater, he said.

He admits that he has an anxious nature when he goes on stage – despite all these years of experience – before he accepts the role he asks the opinion of many people around him.

“Finally, it’s like cycling, launching someone who was initially skeptical of not being in the theater for so long. I was so scared on stage, but scared of everything: galas, everything. Of course it’s getting worse, but at least you’re not alone in the theater. Theater is like going camping with a gang.

Room Saint-Mary-la-Mauderne Performed from June 23 to August 13, 2022 at the Gilles-Vignolt Theater in St. Jerome. Information and tickets: theatregillesvigneault.com