July 3, 2022

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Memories of an ant | ★★★★ Writing ant

Memories of an ant |  ★★★★ Writing ant

Ant Bernard Webber. In Memories of an antThe bizarre French novelist spends his childhood collecting key moments that inspired his major works.

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Matthew Perrolt

Matthew Perrolt

Especially when we learn that it is a novel Battle of the buttons Affected Weber’s ant cycle, “through his offbeat vision of the ordinary world around us”. Or when he was 8 years old, a school essay was named “Memories of a Chip”.

As he discovers Isaac Asimov and the importance of suspense and travels to the United States, his militaristic mobs inspire him with another perspective of Les Ants. As a young journalist, he meets the “Lilliputian woman” who inspires his novel. Micro-humans. A mix of Werber’s freshness, innocence and iconoclasm, it emerges in all its glory in the first part of this autobiography. It was not until he was in his mid-twenties, and he began to compulsively list the ups and downs of his life as a budding and successful writer.

These mystical-detailed descriptions of his state of mind as an author echo some of the artificial divisions of the book according to the tarot cards, the deeper meaning of which is briefly explained before each chapter. We learn in the same way that he has 111 rebirths, of which only 11 are truly worthy of being said because these lives were involved. [son] Evolution “.

This attention, which is so fascinating when turned towards people encountered in childhood, unfortunately changes drastically when it becomes lonely. But we close the book, well, what an imagination!