December 1, 2022

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We are not trivia

We are not trivia

“Hello Reema, I hope you are doing well. I had dinner with Jasmine and we thought about you. ⁇

Posted at 5:00 p.m.

In the photo that appeared on my phone with this message, the teacher sitting in the restaurant and her alumnus were all laughing.

She is Jasmine Sward, a French teacher at Trois-Rivieres. He is Addis Simidziza, a Bosnian refugee. When he came to Quebec he did not speak a single word in French. He is now a writer, editor, doctoral student in literature, and founder of the organization Des Liveres et des Refuges-S, which uses the French language and culture as vectors of integration. There is no doubt what Franకోois Legalt calls a “narrative”.

They found each other through a column where Adis paid tribute to his 9-year-old franchise teacher and expressed a desire to see her again.

Their moving reunion took place Zoom in One day in January, the pandemic will be committed. Since then, Jasmine and Adis have been seeing each other regularly for coffee, dinner and chat.1.

An hour after seeing this touching message, as I was walking in front of the restaurant Damas Terrace, a familiar face appeared to me. “Raja ?! ⁇

Raja is my cousin of Syrian origin who has become a cardiologist. Another “story” …

When he arrived in Quebec, Raja was the first in the reception class. A year ago, he said he wanted to find a teacher who taught him French at the age of 5, Lisen Dubroil, and thanked her …

My first searches were in vain. I found MMe Lisette, but not MMe Lisa. I proposed his quest to the king in a single chronicle with Addis.

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Finally, this is the team Second chance Who took charge with the king and allowed him to recoverMe Listen in a sharp report2.

Who was sitting opposite Raja in another restaurant? MMe Lisa in person.

“It’s awesome … I said your name,” Raja told me.

– I witness, it’s true! “, M added.Me Lisa.

This is the first time they have met since the filming Second chance. I told him about Adis and his message telling the same story at almost the same time.

We looked at each other without moving and talking with this synchronization.

How many “examples” are there of successful franchisees such as Addis and Raja in Quebec?

How many “example” cases are there, such as the allophone and the frankophone, in mine and statistics?

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Franchise students in the Mary-Eve Gervais class at St-Jerome High School

Mrs.Me Jasmine, m.Me Listen or mMe Mary-Eve, whom I speak Saturday, lives in French while speaking other languages ​​at home3 ?

How many Tomas Sierra, Honduran immigrants who performed in the M class?Me Inspired by the theater of Mary-Eve Robert LePage, who contributed to the franchiseing effort even though French was not their mother tongue?

How many Cubans, such as Liberal MP Sal Polo, were first described as “instruments” by Franకోois Legalt, speaking their mother tongue at home and working in French?4 ?

An anecdote according to the dictionary, an interesting little fact. Details that are not generalized and have no scope.

How exactly do you need to not look at the narrative anymore and be promoted to the level of a full-fledged cubbaker?

“If all the women and men who enrich Quebec every day come together and make their presence felt, we can become Yvette in 2022,” said Pepita G. Caprio, a retired judge who was deeply hurt by Prime Minister Francois Legalt’s remarks.

I thought her joking “stories” revolved around the rally idea. But not. “It simply came to our notice then. So no, this is not a joke! ⁇

Born in Italy to Italian father and Bulgarian Sephardic mother, Pepita G. Caprio learned a little French at home, thanks to her Sephardic Jewish grandmother who lived with her and remained French. Educated people in his community. “You can not grow up without learning French,” she said.

When she came to Canada in 1966, at the age of 12, the young Pepita was unable to attend French school. “Because I am Jewish. So I was “Protestant” … I ended up in English school. ⁇

But she was lucky. “I also felt fortunate to reach out at the same time when a large number of Moroccan Jews arrived, who also became“ Protestant ”when they arrived because of the religious school boards. ⁇

Thus she was fortunate enough to go to a public school belonging to the Protestant School Board, which could not have imagined sending all these francophones as a second language, creating a parallel program with French as the first language. “We brought in Protestant teachers or Moroccan Jews from France to teach French as a first language. ⁇

Subsequently, Pepita G. Caprio studied at McGill University and completed a master’s degree in Oxford. “But I always worked in French! ⁇

Her children, Bill 101 children, all went to French school. “But we speak English at home. So, we have a lot of narrative anecdotes! ⁇

The former referee proposed to open the ball with a great move of outrageous “stories” in Caprio.

“I’m ready to start: Italian immigrant, Italian at home, Ladino and English speaker. I have served as a judge in Quebec Superior Court in French for 20 years. Am I another anecdote? ⁇