July 3, 2022

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PQ unveiled its $ 7 billion health plan

PQ unveiled its $ 7 billion health plan

The party is campaigning for a $ 7 billion recovery plan for the CubaCoice Health Network, focusing on the proximity of care to citizens. To be sure, the team hopes to recoup $ 6 billion in Ottawa.

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PQ wants “real local clinics” like CLSCs to come back. It also hopes to invest heavily in home care and provide more resources for community organizations.

The sovereign structure wants to keep “simple and precise measures to improve front-line services,” said Chief Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon.

It is a $ 7 billion plan for the year with $ 3.5 billion in new money. The document states that we must “put the money in the right place” and “recover” the $ 6 billion “kept by Ottawa”.

“An independent government will send these sums home in one way or another, because this money is ours and we need it,” said Chief Paul Saint-Pierre. Program. “The land of the unicorns says CAQ: our federalism will allow $ 6 billion to be repatriated.”

Quebecars money

PSPP ensures that this plan will not only have the success of Quebec independence. “We have an energy balance that CAQ does not have,” he assured.

Joel Arseno, the PQ’s parliamentary leader, said the money from the Quebecars sent to Ottawa should be used for health purposes.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump’s government. CAQ PQ will cut concrete and infrastructure such as government-promised nursing homes.

Despite this presentation, the party is requesting from Ottawa that the “realization” of the plan “not be based on these sums”.

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Doctors who take salaries

In order to save money and redistribute it, PQ wants to review doctors’ pay and put an end to their merger. Physicians can also be employees in the PQ government.

“It’s clear we’re getting rid of the fee for the service,” said Joel Arseno. “We are not going to waive the fee for the service, but we must switch to a salary or lump sum or more hybrid, mixed and formula that meets the needs of the day.” It also hopes to abolish the use of private placement agencies.

PQ has unveiled its plan to showcase three new candidates, including Dr. Lucien Rodriguez, an emergency physician at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. “I’m running for health reform and I’m a sovereign,” he said, agreeing to become a state employee. “The system must change.”

Camille Pellerin-Forget, a physiotherapist at CISSS de l’Outaouais, and Sylvie Tangway, assistant head nurse at pediatrics at CIUSSS de l’Estry-CHUS, were also introduced.