July 5, 2022

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At PQ, times are hard

At PQ, times are hard

At Party Cubacois, times are hard. With its decline of 25 years and 10% support on Francophones, it promises its end is imminent. In the October 3 election, only Matane’s most respected MP, Pascal Berube, is likely to survive.

Like many other former-PQ members before them, including not realizing sovereignty, former Black members Carolyn Saint-Hilary and Bernard Drainville joined the CAQ.

If the trend continues, Black Quebecois will have its own PQ flagship. Who believes that?

However, it is one thing to observe and analyze what is clearly visible. One of his former bosses struggling not to clap is a completely different story.

However, in interviews after the unveiling of the statue of former Prime Minister Jacques Parijou, Lucien Bouchard did the same.

In an interview with Patrice Roy, he said of PQ, “If the vehicle is torn and people do not want it, we will choose another one”. He also added that he “deserves to be well”.

And a living project? It will change, but “as they say it may not be a sovereign, separatist project”. What less.

Save the QLP

We already know that Mr. Bouchard, even when he led it, never carried PQ in his heart. He always felt very “radical”. He was a political mentor and close friend of Franకోois Legalt. He is also very supportive of CAQ creation.

But to shoot the “vehicle” he drove himself after Mr. Parijou’s departure from there, it was to lose his Latin. Especially in the same breath, Mr. Bouchard’s heart was bleeding profusely for PLQ.

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“In the future, this party, the great party, will have to be rebuilt,” he said emotionally. He therefore called on the Liberals to reform the historic coalition of Anglophones, Allophones and Francophone federalists and nationalists.

However, he said, “We need a jeweler to manage the coalition. They had it with Robert Bourssa. They had it with Mario Dumont. In other words, PQ is a good liberation, but in order to preserve Quebec democracy, according to him, the PLQ must pull itself together to have at least one alternative to the CAQ.

Sadness and shock

Liberals, many of whom are crumbling among the expatriate delegates, should pinch themselves with joy. At the other end of the spectrum, she met Mr. In a strong letter to Bouchard, Rene Lewesque’s sister, Mrs. Alice Lewesque, ignored her words.

(Mr. Bouchard also presided over the Lewesque year to commemorate the centenary of the birth of former Prime Minister and founder of PQ Rene Lewesque.)

Frustrated by his dual standards towards PQ and PLQ, Ms. Lewesque wrote to him that he had “the right to no longer trust the party Cubacois of 2022” and to “criticize it”.

“But, she adds,” I am so saddened and amazed that you have condemned the party you respect this year, always having its choice so loud and clear.

In other words, as a former leader and former prime minister of the same party, Mr. It would be wise for Bouchard to refrain from firing so hard on PQ’s coffin.

Please do not send flowers as they say in memorials. Isn’t that enough?

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