July 6, 2022

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Was the word narrative chosen incorrectly? Yes, but …

Was the word narrative chosen incorrectly?  Yes, but ...

We are currently conducting a very bad investigation into Franకోois Legalt.

When he arrived in Quebec, Sal Polo, a liberal MP of Colombian descent who had learned French, was criticized for using the term narrative to describe the situation and using it in his public life.

Liberal and multicultural opposition is finally biting its bone!


Scandal! Scandal!

We also see big artificial tears of theatrical outrage flowing.

We are watching a short session here. Do we need to remind you that the proportion of immigrants changing to French is very low?

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Was the word narrative chosen incorrectly? Obviously yes, as long as we add the PLQ, right now, it makes any advertising scandal. But for the most part, the premiere recalls a basic fact: the language spoken at home remains the best demographic indicator of linguistic power.

Let’s see how things are: French itself, in North America, is not strong enough to operate as just a common vernacular. It must have the status of an identity language. In existential language.

Let’s look at an illustration: Suppose the proportion of mother-tongue phonophones in Montreal continues to decline.

Imagine that the proportion of French customers in the home also drops.

The day will come when the social foundations that allow the imposition of French as a common language will collapse. We are going there beyond the intermediate stage of semi-official bilingualism.

And under the pressure of population, Canadian rule, and the American Empire, English almost naturally replaced French as the common language.

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It would be nice if we could leave this sterile controversy.

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We see that Franకోois Legalt was right in his diagnosis, even though he expressed it embarrassingly.

It may also be noted that he did not draw the political consequences of his diagnosis.

But that is another question.