July 3, 2022

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Future cases approach Couche-Tard

Future cases approach Couche-Tard

Quebec company Couche-Tard is trying out a new smart checkout concept that will bill your entire shopping cart in one second.

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The Voss Affairs team went on to try out this new technology introduced in partnership with McGill University.

The customer has to put their goods on the counter and the eight cameras attached to the checkout do the rest.

“It works with computer vision technology to identify products. Automatically, it identifies the products on the tablet and then gives us a list of items, ”explained Vishnu Subramaniam, Senior Project Manager, Couche-Tard.

The new technology will be implemented in 7,000 Couche-Tard and Circle K branches across the United States.

This new technology helps to give employees more time to advise customers in the store.

“We are at the service of our customers and our store people. So what we do is empty our cashiers to do more important things, such as helping to keep our cashiers on the floor and putting them back in stock when products are scarce, ”he said.

This new smart cash register makes invoicing of all items 4 times faster.

Watch the presentation in the video above.

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