July 3, 2022

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Janet Reno’s daughter gives an update on her cancer

Janet Reno's daughter gives an update on her cancer

Live on Instagram, Natacha Watier took a few minutes to get back to her shocking ad from last week.

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She wanted to reassure her fans that she was suffering from cervical cancer.

“I want to take a few days after the announcement I made on social media. I didn’t want to scare anyone. That is not the goal. On the contrary, just to mention where I was made, a little bit in my life stage, Watier was started from scratch.

“Right now, all I know is that I have cancer, which can be removed quickly and easily. It is, it is Step 1. And then, it took time. Fake It’s like a big operation, we’ll get rid of it all and we will not talk about it anymore. Check it out, done! We will not talk about it anymore! “, She said, confident that she would succeed in her fight against the disease.

After that she admitted that she did not feel like having surgery, that it was considered a “boring” topic, but that she could at least comfort herself by knowing that she could quickly detect her cancer by passing the PAP test. At his gynecologist.

Positive, says not afraid of disease, but not suffering.

She takes a few moments to thank her followers who have comforted her so much since last week’s announcement.

“Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart! Keep some, almost not! For all the words of encouragement, the beautiful words of love, the wave of love! ”, She said, shaken.

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In a slightly funny moment, when she published it, she also explained that she was unaware of the media coverage.

“I, I sometimes forget that I am the daughter of Ginette Reno, you know. I’m going to roll my bump, I’m going to do my life, my business … then, I’m going to behave like this … but I do not have a choice in a certain way, because it’s something that is not hidden, ”she said honestly.

Natacha Vatier ended her live broadcast by thanking her fans heartily and thinking about those like her who are currently battling cancer.