July 3, 2022

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“Star candidate” status is not restricted.

Posted at 7:00 p.m.

It is subjective and over time it will diminish. She means: The person who appears on TV.

This is not a coincidence.

Politics is about communication, and streaming is a beast that must be constantly fed. But there is more. Power is concentrated in the office of the Prime Minister. This is true in Ottawa and Quebec and it applies to all parties.

The ideal candidate is someone who knows how to transmit the message.

People in power do not accept that the length of the cord that separates them from the Big Boss is proportional. However, the number of retirees is much higher.

“The government is destroying the public service,” said Paul Tellier, a former Privy Council clerk last week.1. Everything is decided at the top of the pyramid, he lamented. According to him, senior civil servants work hard to hone their skills.

This observation may be repeated for ministers.

This partly explains why candidates like Bernard Drainville and Caroline Saint-Hiller are so popular. Media traps they know.

But there is a tremendous impact on reserving the label of a “star” for people who are already famous. We will talk less about other candidates who have found useful background in the spotlight.

For example, a few days ago, the CAQ appointed Sonia Belonger, president and CEO of CIUSSS du Center-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal. His statement aroused modest interest for a few hours.

Despite their disappointing results in the polls, the Liberals, Party Cubecois and Solidares also attracted candidates who were ready to end their expected careers.

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By formalizing his candidacy on Tuesday, Bernard Drainville explained that the Cubes had put their backs on independence. However, by rallying the CAQ’s nationalist federalists, he contributes to the problem he sees.

Others, such as Alexis Deschenes, an experienced former journalist who has become a lawyer, argue the opposite. As separatism declines, he wants to use his talent to revive it by competing for PQ in Bonaventure.

Photo Archives Le Novelist

Alexis Deschênes, Party Cubacois nomination candidate in Bonaventure

Principles interest him more than power. He is backed by lawyer Stefan Handfield, who is testing his luck again in Mason. After serving on the Immigration and Refugee Board, he particularly advocated for clients such as Danny Villanueva and Carles Puigdemont.

He could be at odds with those who allege that PQ lacks publicity towards immigrants. Another option: Pierre Nantel quit his job at Quebec Media to try his luck with another party.

Among the Liberal Techies: Fred Bouchemin (Margaret-Borgios), Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets at Scotiabank; Andre A. Morin (Acadia), Chief Federal Prosecutor of the Canadian Public Prosecution Service for the Quebec Region; Desiree McGraw (Notre Dame-de-Grace), Pearson College Rector and one of Canada’s 100 Most Influential Women Financial post.

Added to this list is a rare pattern among liberals: an actor, the former half of Crampe, Matthew Graton (Laporte).

Sure, it’s not the same as 2014 vintage, Philippe Coillard broke the famous forecaster Carlos Letao and economist Martin Coitex of the Bank of Canada in a media game. But due to the lack of popularity of liberals, it is difficult to do better.

While the Liberals are mainly taken from their general ideological basin, the Solidarians are trying to change their face.

They include in their posts Doctors (Melissa Generex and Isabelle LeBlanc), Regional Representative (Philip Page, Saint-Camille Mayor and Director General of the Next Generation Farmers Federation), Immigration Specialist Advocate (Gilloom) Clich-Reward at the University of Quebec at the University of Quebec in Quebec -Dufor) and finally, Ungawa (Mighty Labreck-Saganash) populist activist carrying the voice of First Nations and Inuit.

It is difficult to know who will make a good deputy or minister. The so-called “star” recruits were often disappointed. The list is huge … At the federal level, think of the dismal rule of star philosopher Michael Ignatieff, who collapsed during the election campaign.

In contrast, unknown candidates with modest CVs reveal themselves. In their early days, PQ members were not Véronique Hivon and Sylvain Gaudreult stars. But over time, they have become extraordinary parliamentarians. The same is true of the liberal Marwa Rizvi today.

Politics is a special profession and it is difficult to know who will excel in it. So we should be more interested in non-stars. Because everyone can be surprised for better or worse.