July 5, 2022

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Mario Jean shared a rare family photo to mark a special occasion

Mario Jean shared a rare family photo to mark a special occasion

Mario Jean is smarter on the networks when it comes to his family, but now he makes an exception with a snapshot to highlight the great news about his youngest son David.

In fact, the comedian shared a photo of himself, his wife Nathalie and his son facing the sea. To turn this great step into immortality he emphasized his young son’s departure with a beautiful message, a touching and proud message.

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“When a baby bird leaves the nest, it is a mixture of heartbreak and pride. At the end of the week, my son David was very happy to start a new phase in his life. Today he started his new job as a journalist at Acadie Novelle in Karaoke. Mom and Dad reassured him that he was well settled in his new home. Thanks to the Acadians we met. All of you are kind, affectionate and welcoming. David wishes you well in your new challenge in this beautiful part of the country. We love you. “We can read below its publication.

At the age of 23, David is a recent graduate in journalism from the University of Quebec in Montreal. He settled in Acadia, New Brunswick, for a job as a journalist at the newspaper l ‘.The new Acadia. This is the first time he has left the family nest and jumped on his own.

We want him to succeed in his new position. And we want parents not to cry too much!

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