July 3, 2022

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SQDC | The second union in the other branches was on strike

SQDC |  The second union in the other branches was on strike

(Montreal) After the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), CSN’s union members staged a temporary strike in 13 branches of the Quebec Cannabis Society.

Updated yesterday at 12:49 p.m.

Leah Lewesk
Canadian Press

These 13 branches of SQDC were added on Wednesday to the twenty already affected by the indefinite walkout by the CUPE affiliated with FTQ.

SQDC’s management has indicated that CSN’s “one-off” strike will not prevent the opening of branches affected by the new strike, as managers will be able to serve the public “day in and day out.”

But joined by telephone, CSN said it did not know if its own walkout would last only one day, because its command was five.

The Federation of Public Service Employees’ Union Society, affiliated with CSN, represents about 200 union members in Cubacois du Cannabis.

The CUPE, an affiliate of the FTQ, which represents a large number of union members and branches, is already on indefinite strike. He was fired for a few hours in April before the indefinite strike began on May 20.

CUPE represents 300 union members in 26 branches. However, 22 of these 26 were affected by his walkout.

In the case of these 22 branches affected by the indefinite strike, the opening hours have been revised. “These 22 branches are open, but are on a reduced schedule to give some leeway to managers who operate only in their branch,” SQDC management said.

Management said the other 54 branches of the Society’s Cubacois du Cannabis were not affected by the pressure tactics.

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SQDC reminds that customers can also order their products online.

The controversy is mainly about wages. Both trade unions are demanding that their members be treated the same as the employees of the Society des Alcoles, where they also represent the employees.

SCFP-FTQ reports that its members earn $ 17 per hour when renting through the Société québécoise du cannabis.

The management of SQDC confirms that it has planned several negotiation meetings with the two union bodies. She said she hopes to reach an agreement through negotiations with the two.