July 3, 2022

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America Summit | Great statements of cooperation and real tensions

America Summit |  Great statements of cooperation and real tensions

(Los Angeles) The US Summit hosted by Joe Biden in Los Angeles on Thursday led to major announcements in favor of further cooperation on the continent, but also revealed tensions between some countries and the United States.

Updated yesterday to 8:41 pm.

Aurelia END
France Media Agency

In the middle of the plenary session of the event, and as he sat a few meters away, the American president experienced diplomatic trouble when the Prime Minister of Belize and the President of Argentina criticized him.

“The absence of all nations in America is unforgivable,” said Belize’s Prime Minister John Brisino, who did not particularly invite the United States, like Nicaragua, to defend Cuba and Venezuela.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez felt that being the host country of the summit “does not give the ability to decide who has the right or not”.

Despite these differences over the list of participants that led Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lopez Obrador to stay away from the summit, Joe Biden reassured that “on fundamental issues, what I heard was almost unity and uniformity”.

The American president referred to “almost the whole agreement”, especially on issues such as immigration management and the fight against climate change.

The 79-year-old Democrat also displayed a voice of harmony in his first bilateral meeting with his Brazilian counterpart Zaire Bolsonaro, but there is no shortage of confrontation with him.

“General Items”

He described Brazil as a “powerful” democracy with “strong” institutions and, in a speech before the conference, praised the country’s “sacrifices” to protect the Amazon rainforest.

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Zaire Bolsonaro assured him that he was “very close” with the American president, for example being a “Democrat” with “freedom”.

Photo by Jim Watson, agency France-Press

Zaire Bolsonaro and Joe Biden

The extreme-right president, a notorious climate skeptic, went there with his critique of the Amazon rainforest, believing that Brazil “sometimes faces threats to its sovereignty” over the issue.

The Brazilian head of state, again this week, publicly questioned the validity of his American counterpart victory.

Zaire Bolsonaro, seeking re-election for a second term, has been ousted by former President Lula, who also regularly attacks his own country’s electoral system. It seems that he is already preparing for defeat, which is troubling Washington.

The organization of the Second Summit of America, held in the United States since the first edition in 1994, has shown that there is no consensus on what democracy is and the means of defending it. Regional level.

The Biden administration hopes to resume dialogue with the region, which has so far not topped its diplomatic priorities and China is advancing its pawns.

The United States has thus announced programs on health and the environment, as well as announced a financial partnership with a vague outline and seeks to address a major statement on cooperation on immigration on Friday.

But Americans do not intend to imitate Beijing, which is investing heavily in the region and preferring to promote private financing.

This was another sting from the Belize Prime Minister Joe Biden, who suggested massive US aid to Ukraine and joked: “The question is how much (money) will be promised to finance the ambitious program we are giving? ⁇

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