July 3, 2022

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Big Led | Tripping like a big teenager

Big Led |  Tripping like a big teenager

Fred Fortin was on a familiar ground in club soda. We still remember his amazing tour show Ultramer In the fall of 2016, the appendix on the occasion of Francois next spring. This time, however, he returned to the room stage at Boulevard Saint-Laurent with his Gross Mine Leader Cap. And it promises.

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Pierre-Marc Durivez

Pierre-Marc Durivez

His colleagues are Oliver Longevin (guitar), Robbie Custer (drums) and Tonio Morin-Vargas (percussion and percussion and keyboards).

In fact, this Friday is the third in a series of exhibition tours in Les Francos. Peace and bonus, The quartet began its run-in with two performances in Mont-Louis and Rimowski in early June. “It’s really trippy, and it’s still very green from start to finish, the audience will see Robbie as hot as ever, we can be assured of the old pike. , I think the CPU is very bent!

This was a temporary challenge for the multi-instrumentalists from Saint-Philistine, especially since Fortin decided to hire the bass for most of the songs on the show. “This is the first time I’ve played songs on the bass while singing, I have recorded the album on special tracks,” he explained.

“Why am I doing this to myself?” But untying the knots meant a lot to me so hard. And I love playing the bass.

Fred Fortin

Never mind, Fortin and his team are old hands, they know tobacco. Especially since they played so many Gross Mine songs in the Trio format last year, it took them all over Quebec on a surprise tour.

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“It’s like a special bubble, because the pandemic is still there, to show our joy at finally being able to play again,” Fortin told us. Microdos. So we allowed ourselves to be immersed in both concerts, but in the end, I always ended up doing some grass menu tunes again. ⁇

“It’s a Fun To get back into it “

Does it, of course, need another state of mind to play Gross Mine? “However, in a way, the emotional implications of the songs are different,” Fortin told us. The subject is light, more from me than my solo tunes, it’s like a psychedelic theater, I’m still trying to tame what’s going on!

“But it’s fun to play music and dive back to get where you want, he continues. Rocking, improvising, jamming is on the youth side. We still feel lucky to be doing amazing teenage music, we’re still mad with our pedals and our amp; We have been telling the same jokes to each other for years and still laugh at them.Tourist, we call it that Radotour ! ⁇

Photo by Edord Plante-Frechet, Law Press Archives

Gross Mene’s last tour dates back to 2012 during the album’s release Agnes d

Composing grass menu also needs to be set aside for Fred Fortin, though it can be done without much effort. “I often work in batches of tunes and when I do one for the grass menu, I do three or four. So some time has passed since the album changed, he explained. For the grass menu, I’ll start with the drum beats. The harmonic content is also different, which is similar to the blues. ⁇

If the songs of Fortin Nebula are common, it is also due to the unclassified melody of the 51-year-old singer. “I always have a beat in mind, but with solo and gross men, I do it deliberately to develop things in the song,” he told us. Like rappers, I like to keep dynamism and movement in melody. I do slang wat, doing a little jabber, and come up with something that looks like a melody target. Then, the French language does not have to take me where I want to go, it just leads to something else. ⁇

As we might see in Club Soda this Friday evening, there are unexpected and some chaotic consequences that will improve his work. “As the tour progresses, we have the risks to decide appropriately, he admits. It’s going to be a Friday, accidents, happy and unhappy.

Gross Mine will be at Club Soda as part of the Franco‌s this Friday at 8pm and on July 8 at the Theatre de la Vieille Forge in Petit-Valley.