July 6, 2022

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Is Donald Trump in danger of going to jail?

Is Donald Trump in danger of going to jail?

The Commission of January 6, a landmark date for American politics, raised an important question; Is Donald Trump in danger of going to jail? Mario Dumont tries to answer that.

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The parliamentary commission, headed by Benny Thomson, considers it its job to condemn Mr. Trump in a referendum.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump’s attack on the capital.

“Eventually, the problem will become more political. If we put Donald Trump in jail, will Trump’s ministers and the armed people who support him become more dangerous than ever?” Mario Dumont told LCN.

According to him, there was only one purpose in attacking the Capitol; It is to prevent the systematic transition of power.

“As soon as we step out of the power transition, [Trump] Manages to stay in power, Dumont said. This is typical of uprisings, in which dictators proceeded in this way to find ways to stay in power.

“How civil wars start,” he added.

The analyst allowed himself to be compared to Quebec’s American neighbors, saying La Belle Province was “admirable” in terms of the transfer of power.

Mario Dumont found it difficult to figure out how the commission that exposed the former president’s mistakes in the attack on the Capitol could cope without sending him to jail.

“The United States is having a very difficult time,” Dumont said.

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See Mario Dumont’s column in the video above.