July 3, 2022

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Make pretzels | The Journal of Montreal

Make pretzels |  The Journal of Montreal

This week, Quebec voters presented a double presentation of a new yoga pose: “Pretzels”!

In turn, the unstoppable masters of the new art of completely engulfing yourself, Caroline Saint-Hiller and Bernard Drainville, gave the appropriate presentation to the Cirque du Soleil.

I know Caroline Saint-Hilary has worked with her for four years The Jousting. Clever and shrewd in discussion, she liked to scold me about my beliefs as a federalist and a “multiculturalist” (a real shame in Caro’s mouth).

But I made a worse mistake than that: I felt that the Capitol-National area needed more to serve a population of nearly one million more than the old Quebec Bridge and the Pierre-Laporte Bridge. For me, this is first and foremost a matter of safety.

Absolutely Battle Royale. Caroline could not restrain herself from rebelling against the folly of a third tie in Quebec. Also, when I found out she was going to be a CAQ candidate, I could not believe my ears.

Give back his jacket

How is she going to change her mind and decide for a third link after blaming him for years?

Most importantly, how can she look in the mirror if she gives up her basic political beliefs? Is Caroline Saint-Hilary, the unstable and unstoppable sovereign, going to deny her accusations of being dubbed by Legalt?

Impossible, I thought. I understand that his new spiritual teacher PQ needs to prove that he can still be trusted. Caroline Saint-Hilare is, in this case, a formidable business card. But it seemed unimaginable to me that she was abandoning her deep beliefs.

The third link project was developed, she appealed. There will be a separate lane for public transport. Yes? Only available during peak hours with the new version. On the other hand, the previous version she was making fun of had them all the time. When you pretzel, sometimes you forget.

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Legalt is with us

I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming while listening to his interview with colleague Richard Martino on QUB Radio.

Caroline explained that for the past four years, Franయిois Legalt has been there for us, and then we have to be there for him. We just left the political arena. We fell completely into the Messianic section. This is not just Cirque du Soleil, it is the order of the solar temple.

Drainville, an embarrassing comic

With Drainville, it’s very embarrassing, but at least funny. Burlesk. He swore he was no longer a sovereign. You can tell he did not believe what he said, but he ignored it. He is going to have his lemon and ministerial post.

Calling himself a federalist is no more serious than a mandatory provision in an employment contract. He got a job.

Is the Prime Minister in good faith?

Many federalist voters in Legault began asking questions. What is the value of Legalt’s promise to stop working for Quebec’s independence?

Is it too late for us to realize that Legalt’s profession of federalist faith is also a game?