July 3, 2022

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The best and worst MPs in Parliament session

The best and worst MPs in Parliament session

It’s time to take stock on Friday at the National Assembly on Friday, but also on the “La Jout” show.

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Analysts have revealed that an elected official they trust deserves the title of best MP in a recent parliamentary session, but was also awarded their lemonade prize during the session.

Here are the options for each joust:

Best Parliamentarian: Pascal Berube (PQ)

“Being a good parliamentarian means a lot Score Points mean coming up with the right line. In addition, he is a deputy who knows how to ride a religion … I think he can name voters one by one.

Worst Parliamentarian: Pierre FitzGibbon (CAQ)

“I can not do it anymore! What is that guy doing ?! (…) Political rules, they apply to everyone. And while you’re there, you agree to play by the rules. “

Best Parliamentarian: Gabriel Nado-Dubois (QS)

“Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has been successful in making an impression ever since he became a spokesman for Quebec Solidair. It’s a King of the clip Question period.

Worst Parliamentarian: Claire Samson (PCQ)

“Claire Samson raised her hand. I want to make an offer to Eric Duheim: if he thinks what Mrs. Samson says is too common, she should ask him to pay back his salary because she did nothing with it! “

Best Parliamentarian: Eric Girard (CAQ)

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“He’s not a flamboyant deputy or a minister, but he’s an effective minister. Over the years, I’m found that he has delivered a tough speech. He has mastered, I think, his ministry. He has no scandal. He also has a vision behind it all.

Worst Parliamentarian: Claire Samson (PCQ)

“It made me disgusted to hear that! A woman who wants to be a Minister of Culture… We narrowly escaped as a society! “

To see the full conversion, watch the video above.