July 6, 2022

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Amendment to the Code of Ethics | CMQ has launched an investigation into Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Amendment to the Code of Ethics |  CMQ has launched an investigation into Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Following the article by Press The commission decided to launch a Municipal du Quebec (CMQ) investigation, revealing the contents of the Saint-Bruno-de-Monterreville sub-law, a draft that restricts the freedom of speech of elected officials.

Posted at 6:00 p.m.

Suzanne Colpron

Suzanne Colpron

“The situation has been revealed Press That fact must be taken into account. ”

“Municipal democracy must be protected at all times. The commission has decided to launch an investigation based on what it knows, and the Municipal Integrity Investigation and Prosecution Department will do so and contact the city as soon as possible, “she added.

In an article published on June 9, entitled “The Mayor Wants the Opposition to Be Obedient to Him”, we revealed that Saint-Bruno-de-Monterville is preparing to revise the code of conduct and professional conduct of elected officials. Add obedience as a rule of conduct ”.

The project is expected to be approved at the Municipal Council meeting on Tuesday, June 14th. But the mayor of Saint-Bruno-de-Monterville, Ludovic Grice Frand, withdrew the item from the agenda on Friday.

Four layouts

If approved, the project will provide for the addition of four rules to the Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Elected Officers.

The councilor must respect “the resolutions, policies, directives and policies made by the council, despite its disagreement, by remaining moderate during any public commentary on these decisions.” He should also observe the decisions taken by the Council if he sits on the institutions or commissions belonging to the Language community.

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The fourth provision “provides for the obligation not to influence or influence an elected official of another municipality so that he may vote against the decision of the council, especially when he sits on the commissions of the Longueil community”.

In an interview, Mayor Grice Frand explained that the changes had led to election promises and were intended to prevent the city-appointed councilor from “destructive” projects by interfering with other municipal officials.

Experts were interviewed PressHowever, it was felt that the new regulations put a brake on freedom of expression.

“I’m never been happy when my city, my community, made headlines for the wrong reasons,” said opposition councilor Vincent Fortier, who learned that the CMQ investigation was about to begin. “I’m not happy about that. But one thing is certain: the Commission du du Quebec’s reaction shows that there are really serious problems at the democratic level.

Press Attempts to contact Mayor Grice Frand to get his comments failed.