July 6, 2022

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Legislator in France: Macron and United Left neck and neck

Legislator in France: Macron and United Left neck and neck

We will have to wait till the second round next Sunday to know that Emmanuel Macron was re-elected on April 24 For the second five-year period, its absolute majority may or may not be retained and, beyond that, its ability to apply its reform policy freely.

Ensemble! Under the label, the outgoing president received a 25.75% of the vote, or 21,442 of the 23,3 million voters behind the left-wing coalition NUPES behind Jean-Luc Melenchon (25.66%).

However, the Macron camp is ahead of NUPES (150 to 210) with a range of 255 to 295 seats in the 577 deputy seat estimate. The absolute majority in the National Assembly is 289 seats.

On Sunday one of the two voters was out of the ballot box, with a new record of 52.49% absent, which is higher than in 2017 (51.3%), highlighting the French’s indifference to the election. Now the eclipse has taken place with the presidential election.

Jean-Luc Melenchon after voting in Marseille, southern France

Photo: Associated Press / Daniel Cole

It is true that the President beat the party.

A quote from Jean-Luc Melenchon

Mr. Melenchon called his troops Surge In the second round of legislative elections. However, in the opinion of experts, it could suffer from a lack of vote reserve in the second round and a strong absence, especially affecting the youth and the working class.

The National Rally (RN), Marine Le Pen’s right – family party, a finalist in the April 24 presidential election, came in third with 19% of the vote, far ahead of the traditional right, which is losing its status. The first group of opposition.

Voters pick up their ballots at a polling station in Strasbourg during the first round of legislative elections.

Photo: Associated Press / Jean-Franకోois Badias

The right-right party, which is always fined by the majority electoral system in legislative elections, can surpass 15 deputies, which, for the first time since 1986, when there was a dose of proportional representation, allowed it to form a parliamentary group. .

In her stronghold of northern France she received 55% of the vote (but was elected with the lowest turnout in the first round), called Mrs. Le Pen To confirm and extend (his) vote to all voters RN candidates will qualify for the second round in order To send very large patriotic delegates to the new National Assembly.

This legislation Thereby ensuring a broader revival of the French political landscape Mr Macron is committed to the 2017 election.

Macron looking for a “strong and clear” majority

The majority in the Assembly, not absolute but relative, complicates the path of reforms that President Macron wants to undertake, especially with regard to pensions.

This is a very serious warning to Emmanuel MacronPolster Bryce Teen Tourier recalls it This is 7 points less than in 2017 (in the last legislative elections).

For another expert, Frederick Dobby, The United Left succeeded in imposing an article on the French.

Minister of Relations with Parliament Oliver Veron assured Sunday evening Warning In relation to the Presidential majority Got it.

Mr. Macron rallied at the end of the campaign, calling on the French to give him one Strong and clear majority.

French President Emmanuel Macron casts his ballot during the first round of legislative elections in Le Touquet-Paris-Place.

Photo: Reuters

He stood as a defender TremendousThus targeting Mr. Melenchon’s Radical Left and the far right of Marine Le Pen, according to him Disorder For France.

In recent weeks the executive has insisted on voting in July on a set of measures for purchasing power to combat inflation, which will weigh on household budgets and business accounts.

Elections are being held in a climate of anxiety in France amid rising food and fuel prices.

In a situation where the left, led by Jean-Luc Melenchon, is unlikely to win an absolute majority, an unprecedented symbiosis will be imposed on the now-re-elected president, who will lose almost all power in domestic politics.

Jemmoor bites the dust

Mr Melenchోn, a veteran of French political life, established himself as his main rival by leading an unprecedented coalition of socialists, communists, environmentalists and his own movement (La France inzoumis).

A man and a girl walking in front of election posters for the legislative elections in Bayonne.

Photo: Associated Press / Bob Edme

Among the big losers on Sunday night was former right-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, who competed in the south of France and was eliminated in the first round.

These legislative elections could also lead to a reshuffle of the newly formed government, with many of its members running for office, including the prime minister.

According to preliminary estimates, Amelie de Montchalin, Minister of Environmental Transformation and Territorial Coordination, is on an unfavorable ballot on the outskirts of Paris, as is Clement Beyonc, the European affairs minister in Paris.

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