July 6, 2022

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The robotics team stands out exclusively abroad

The robotics team stands out exclusively abroad

Saint-Laurent Secondary School in Montreal, in particular, competed with the NASA team

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Erica Bysylon

Erica Bysylon

The robotics team from Montreal High School performed a lot at the World Championships in the United States in April, earning them honorary recognition from the National Assembly.

Thanks to the double success at the Montreal Robotics Festival, Express-Olo, the Saint-Laurent School robotics team received a pass for the World Robotics Championships in the United States. Ten students in 3E At 5 p.m.E Secondary so went to Texas to face 456 of the best teams in the world from 38 countries, none of which were NASA.

Photo by Denise Germain, special contribution

The Saint-Laurent High School robotics team received honorary certificates from the National Assembly.

In addition to the 23rd rankE In the ranking of 75 teams in its category, Express-O won the prize of inspiration in the first Techno Challenge, the ultimate difference of the event, thanks to its robot, which can instantly mimic the actions of human pilots, but also uses its three-degree cannon. Ability to track a target in real time.

Only Saint-Laurent School represented Quebec at the World Championships. “Express-O has impressed many teams with its various mechanisms, its mechanical design and its programming algorithms,” said Bruno Bastos, the teacher in charge.

This project is not limited to the construction of robots of different sizes. Throughout the year, sometimes by participating seven days a week, young people are able to develop many skills such as project management and collaboration.

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“Second Family”

Programming and coding is a breakthrough for 16-year-old Olivia, who dreams of becoming a computer engineer. “I love working with algorithms and databases to improve our robot’s vision and eyes. ⁇

Despite her true love for programming, her thirst for learning encouraged her to move into another field next year. “It’s a perfect application of what we have learned over the years from various guides and I really want to learn new things.”

For his part, Maria-Clara, 14, was responsible for assembling the robot. The championship experience is a true revelation.

In the United States, we compete with some of the best robotics teams in the world. The experience is great as it brings all of us closer together. Express-O is now like our second family.

Maria-Clara, 14, is a member of the robotics team at Saint-Laurent High School

They both said they want to be ready for next year’s competition by this summer. “We will try to improve and practice this summer to make it even better next year! ⁇

Taking advantage of the robotics mentoring program, five volunteer mentors from various large companies, such as Bombardier, joined the students.

Photo by Denise Germain, special contribution

Liberal MP Marwa Rizki presented certificates of honor to members of the Saint-Laurent High School robotics team. On his side, in the photo, is teacher Bruno Bastos.

To their responsible teacher, the various distinctions obtained “prove that the public school can do extraordinary things. It also shows young people that engineering, programming and technical drawing, for example, are professions of the future, concrete and entertainment, for which you earn a very good life.

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On May 20, all team members received certificates of honor from the National Assembly, delivered by MNA for Saint-Laurent, Marwa Rizki, to highlight their outstanding performances over the past year.