July 6, 2022

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Formula 1 weekend office workers come to the rescue

Formula 1 weekend office workers come to the rescue

The shortage of workers prompted office workers in the hotel and restaurant group to lend a hand to their colleagues on the field during the busy Grand Prix weekend.

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“We want to help them and we want to support them and show them that we are a team, even though we are in different positions and at headquarters,” explained Stefan Letellier, a talent acquisition consultant at Jacobo and The Calculating Gray Collection. Auberge du Vieux-Port in its hotels and restaurants.

This initiative came from the employees in the group and not from the management. In view of the expected tourist arrivals over the Grand Prix weekend, Sales and Human Resources employees are considering how to help their colleagues in this field.

Stefan Letellier, Consultant at Gray Collection

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Stefan Letellier, Consultant at Gray Collection

Quick, they decided that the best way to do that was to join them in the heat of the moment.

Dishwasher, Waiter, Hostess, Housekeeping Assistance: Office workers come to occupy different positions according to their experience and desires.

Some, like Stefan Letellier, a former restaurant manager, already have good use experience.

“I think the welcome from colleagues is very good and it inspires the team and allows us to do a little bit of work on our culture,” he explained.

Others who have never worked in the kitchen or dining room are trained to meet health and safety standards.

Posts to be replaced

“We will hire as many volunteers as possible, otherwise we know we will have these people [sur le terrain] “Said Stefan Letellier.

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“The management of our establishments assigns us positions so that we can be useful that weekend,” explains Claudia Drozdowski, director of human resources.

So far seven employees have responded. There are currently 70 and 100 positions vacant in the Gray Collection facilities.

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