July 3, 2022

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Landslides: A family of 5 lost everything

Landslides: A family of 5 lost everything

The house, which was washed away by a large landslide in La Bieu in Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean, belongs to a family of five children and has been completely renovated by the owners in recent years.

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On Tuesday morning on the spot TVA met Novelles, a property owner whose father was struggling to contain his emotions thinking about his son who had lost everything.

“It hurts us a lot, we spend a lot of time on it. It’s been four years since my son bought it and we have completely restored it, we have completely remodeled the interior. Remodeling the garage …”, explained Carly Brison.

Carl Brison, father of the owner of the washed house

Beyond the material, he thinks of small children who may be on the spot at the time of the incident. Luckily two houses in the city were evacuated two months ago due to a major defect in the embankment.

“My son has five children. If there were five kids, it would happen. No one would come out of there. It’s over, ”Mr. Brissen recalled.

A distorted voice with the feeling that his son had lost everything.

“He did not respond well. It was not easy.

Neighbors who witnessed the scene say they are still struggling with the onslaught that surprised everyone on Monday morning.

This is the case of Donald de la Duranto, who was dumping waste when the embankment collapsed.

“I was in the gallery and I heard the noise … I saw the sparks of fire! I saw you going there, I got goosebumps. It fell, it made a hell of a noise, it’s crazy! ” He explains.

Instant neighbors especially remember the very loud sound.

David Laughlamme, neighbor

“I came out when I heard the noise and my wife was worried because it was making noise. When we came out, there was a packet of smoke, ”said Daniel Laflam.

Another neighbor saw her childhood home collapse.

Sylvie Gagney, neighbors. Built the house his father had taken

“It simply came to our notice then. I grew up there, built by our dad. He is still alive. He is 91 and he watched the videos last night. I have been having a lot of trouble with this since last night. I was shaking all the time. It’s sad, “said Sylvie Gagne.

The expertise of the Transport Minister’s Ground Movement service is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities say heavy rains caused the incident. Teams are currently on the ground to assess the situation and assess the danger it poses to district residents.

A security cordon was set up in the area. No injuries were reported as the landslides broke.

In total, 21 residences were evacuated and their occupants were cared for by family, acquaintances or the Red Cross.

Listen to Benoit Dietrizac’s interview with Julie Dufour on QUB Radio:

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