July 6, 2022

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Mulroney does not identify himself with the current CCP

Mulroney does not identify himself with the current CCP

Going through Quebec, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said on the occasion of the unveiling of a major project by Laval University with the aim of paying tribute to him that he could no longer identify himself with the current Conservative Party of Canada.

“I know my friend Jean Charest is doing very well. There are so many good candidates and it is far from over for anyone to win. It is strange to elect a leader, ”said the politician who led the country from 1984 to 1993.

Mr. Mulroney admitted that he had no identity with this political structure.

“Not really. I mentioned some achievements. It is not possible with this party. But there are good people who want change,” he added cautiously and philosophically.

In 2003, the former Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance merged to form the Conservative Party of Canada.

Ren రె Lewesk affair

At 83, even the “little man from By-Como” admits that Rene Lewesk did not pay much attention to the controversy surrounding the birth century.

“I apologize for any comments that may have affected Rene Lewesk’s famous memory. She is the greatest Democrat I have ever known in my life.”

A pavilion in his name

The ceremony in honor of Mr. Mulroney on Tuesday at the University Laval was a success.

The silent audience could not miss a single word in his 20 – minute speech as he reminisced with Reagan, Thatcher and Clinton.

The Quebec government has confirmed its support for the Carrefour International Project with an investment of $ 27.75 million.

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The project includes the construction of a new pavilion named after him. Construction will begin in 2025.

Brian Mulroney is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Laval University.

“If we had a project like this today, it was because of the leadership of Sophie D’Amers, who never gave up,” Mr Mulroney explained, describing the choice as a “historic decision”.

In March 2018, just days after teachers voted against a project named after him, the rector apologized to the former prime minister.

Political scenario

With this new Carrefour, leaders want more French-speaking Cubans to play an important role in international politics and in prestigious positions across the planet.

“I am tempted to make one Come back ! Smiled Mr. Mulroney.

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