July 3, 2022

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PQ MP Martin Aullet does not want a new order

PQ MP Martin Aullet does not want a new order

Martin Aullet, a PQ member for Rene-Lewesk riding in the North Shore, does not want a new command.

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This was revealed by him at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

To explain his decision, Mr. Ouellet expressed his desire to spend more time with his loved ones. “The last seven years of my life have been hilarious, but now it is time for me to return to my family,” he said.

The PQ member stressed that he had promised in his inaugural address a “failed commitment” and that he felt he had kept the promise he had made during his two directives in the National Assembly.

In the long speech, he recalled his major achievements in his constituency and in the National Assembly, taking care to mention the people with whom he had worked with each of them.

Passing an amendment to the law on elections and referendums in municipalities was the highlight of his career, according to which an elected official found guilty of sexual harassment would be considered ineligible for office, the PQ member recalled.

Mr. Ouellet, too, revealed with a smile what he would not miss about the MP’s work for Rene-Levesque’s ride.

“One thing I do not miss in politics is commenting on their story F.-A. Gautir, Mr. Ouellet said. I hope to be behind myself, I will no longer give interviews on this famous boat and sooner or later, I hope we will have a reliable one between the two shores.

To conclude his speech, Martin Aullet thanked the citizens of his riding, his team members and the leaders of the party Quebecois for representing the party in the National Assembly for 7 years.

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As he spoke a few words addressed to his wife, Mr. Owlet’s voice cried small. “Without you, I would never have achieved this path and remained so committed (…). You will always be there even when you are not visible. For the citizens of Rene-Lewesk, I am dedicated. Now I have only one priority. I love you my beautiful Celine, and thank you for everything, ”he said emotionally.

The leader of the party Quebecois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, thanked Martin Aullet and recalled his personal qualities.

‘As an MP, Martin is an ideal for everyone. Being a member of the third largest rider in Quebec and doing the same on the field is a great thing. If you consider that Martin has traveled more than 300,000 kilometers in his career as an MP, you can see the sacrifices he made and the work he achieved. We salute his great dedication only to his fellow citizens, to our party and to our common cause of transforming Quebec into one nation, ”Paul Saint-Pierre-Plamandon said in a press release.

Elected for the first time in a by-election in 2015, Mr. O’Leary was re-elected in 2018 at Rene-Lewesk Riding in North Shore.

MP Quebecois has been the parliamentary leader of the party since 2018.

Of the seven members elected to the party Quebecois in the National Assembly, Martin O’Leary became the fourth to announce his retirement from political life, after Lorraine Richard, Veronica Hivan and Sylvain Goudarolt.

In the 2018 elections, the party Quebecois elected 10 deputies. In the October 2022 general election only three are seeking a new mandate under the banner of Paul Saint-Pierre-Plamandon party.

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