July 6, 2022

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Hubert Lenoir goes to the forest | The Journal of Montreal

Hubert Lenoir goes to the forest |  The Journal of Montreal

Hubert Lenoir waits nine months after the release of his stunning second album to find the Montreal public. And the long wait is worth it. In great form, the musician gave a strange and solid rock performance to the thousands of spectators who came to see him at a major concert outside Francois on Tuesday.

In an interview with NewspaperHubert Lenoir said he saw the concert at Francos – probably the biggest of his career – “as a mix between films. Jacques And rock concert.

FD- Francois-Hubert Lenoir-Montreal

Photo QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

We got it … from the first song! Appearing on screens filmed by a handheld camera, his colleague Noemi D. Modified “Mus la MusiquePlus” by Leclerk, Hubert drank beer behind the scenes before heading to the stage. He wore a fluorescent yellow petrol jacket and NFB cap.

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As he came on stage he shouted in his own voice and the singer set the tone for the concert. The musician jumps around performing a very rock version Golden Days. Then, while his musicians were doing Hubert left the steam in a long jam with almost grunge tones. Body surfing On the crowd. Reminds us that we are only in the first song!

FD- Francois-Hubert Lenoir-Montreal

Photo QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

New components

After resting for a while mtl freestyleThe rhythm picked up again from the next track, Sunday night. Again, the singer and his musicians did a much more rocky version of the album, sometimes even punk. Pictura de IPSE: Direct Music. In the crowd, many in the audience did not hesitate to make a joke Mosh Pit.

I’m back sin ! The singer launched Hubert to people who finally saw him again after touring the United States and France. The Place des Festivals are also very busy on this wonderful Tuesday evening which looks like August.

At the disco

Furthermore, Hubert dropped the fluorescent jacket to reveal a pink dress, and he took that dress to continue the concert with casual lingerie!

After the biggest success of his career at the end of the course, Daughter of man IIHubert Lenoir exits the stage before returning for the encore.

FD- Francois-Hubert Lenoir-Montreal

Photo QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

And what a memorable reminder we have! The singer sings StepFrom his latest album, before being presented to the public … discotheque music!

We heard in Flo Rida and Timbaland loudspeakers, the artists they have – it has to be verified – probably never played in Francos. It is enough to put the party in the place des Francos.

FD-Francois-Hubert Lenoir-Montreal

Photo QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

After about fifteen minutes of dance pop music, and after part of the audience started to leave, Hubert looked his beautiful. Restart. The perfect end to an evening you will soon forget.

Hubert Lenoir and his co-authors Felix Petit and Julian received the SOCAN Song of the Year Award on Tuesday for this piece. The secret. “It’s great, it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written,” Hubert said at the concert.