July 3, 2022

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Garage Coat-Vert | The Orange Line will soon qualify for its “Mini-Extension”

Garage Coat-Vert |  The Orange Line will soon qualify for its "Mini-Extension"

After five years of work, the start-up time for Société de transport de Montreal (STM)’s coat-of-arms garage is approaching, allowing for a significant increase in service during peak hours. Tunnels were also dug there to extend the Orange Line to Boise-Frank.

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Henry Ouellette-Vezina

Henry Ouellette-Vezina

“Today we can say that the work is 99% complete. There are still some tests to be done on the equipment, but we plan to be fully operational by next August and then start all operations in September, ”STM project director Leila Brytel told the media on Friday.

Finally, the new garage, valued at nearly $ 500 million, will make it possible to “release more trains on the Orange Line and the rest of the network” in the morning and at the end of the day. Up to 25% more cars can be parked on the rails, increasing their frequency from 2 and a half minutes to 2 minutes, an advantage to STM when starting work on the Blue Line extension. , It attracts. Even more customers.

This is the fifth garage of its kind to be opened by a transport company after Henry-Baurassa, Angrignon, Montmorency and Honore-Beaugrand. Located 20 meters underground near the Côte-Vertu metro station, this garage can handle or clean 10 to 12 trains.

“Starters” for Boise-Frank

Near the maintenance stations, in the sixth basement, two large holes began to be dug in the concrete, which could be observed. Press. “These are possible openings for an extension to Boise-Frank. The route has already begun. This is not a finalized project, it is still time to come to light, but we still want to plan for the future,” M said.Me Brittel.

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Nothing has yet been confirmed in the political party for an extension to Boise-Frank. Last month, the Minister of Transport, Franకోois Bonnardell, announced that he had created a “project office” to study the extension of the Orange Line from Cote d’Ivoire to Laval. Recommendations are made by this office. However, STM’s basic plan offers two stations: first, the Poir Station, at the corner of Rou Poir and the Boulevard Marcel-Laurin station, then the Boise-Frank station, which connects to the REM.

“We are waiting to see the studies, but we need a connection to the REM station, that is the minimum. And after that, let’s see what is proposed by ARTM, ”said Mayor Plante. “In the case of Boise-Frank, it’s definitely something to discuss,” added Chantal Rowley, the transport minister, who “could not announce anything today.”

Overall, the Coat-Vert garage is priced at $ 492.3 million. It is primarily funded by Quebec and Ottawa. The first works started five years ago, in 2017. “This is a major benefit for public transit customers,” M insisted.Me Rowley calls the garage a “public transport cathedral.”

To ensure mobility in Montreal, every effort is counted. See the end result here, which is really quite impressive. […] This is a good reference for the rest of the project: the blue line and finally the pink line.

Valerie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

A 650 meter wide connection tunnel was dug between the garage and the orange line end to connect the network to the garage. Three other buildings are also built on the surface, two serving as emergency exits and a mechanical ventilation station, and a third giving access to a mechanical maintenance workshop. “We would like to say that we have built an extension here. We are still building a 1.5km tunnel,” said Mary-Claude Leonard, interim director general of STM.

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This summer, on weekends from June 24 to September 5, seven metro stations will be available for free near downtown and Old Montreal. MMe The free public transportation system is “interesting,” Plante said Friday. “Public transport should be seen as a social solution. As long as it’s the responsibility of cities, it’s hard to imagine this kind of long – term perspective, ”she deserves.