July 6, 2022

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Justice: Holding on to the manager will cost her the job she wanted

Justice: Holding on to the manager will cost her the job she wanted

A disgruntled customer who deliberately coughed a grocery store manager at the start of the epidemic has a criminal record even though he hopes to be discharged to become a prison guard, the Court of Appeals upheld.

“It is not unreasonable to conclude that behavior [de l’accusé] That fact must be taken into account. “

Eric Yaniri, 32, may relinquish his desire to become a correctional officer because of the insulting act he committed on March 26, 2020.

At the beginning of the epidemic

At that time, COVID-19 reached Quebec. And when Yaniri went to a grocery store on the south shore of Montreal, he did not appreciate being asked to wash his hands.

“He loses his temper, which leads to managerial intervention,” the court document reads.

The altercation continued until Yaniri deliberately stepped in the direction of the manager.

Police arrived at the scene to find out that the bizarre client was also waiting for the screening test result.

Arrested, Yaniri confessed his guilt to the attack by expressing deep remorse.

“He acknowledged that his behavior was improper and that the victim may have been concerned about his safety,” the verdict reads.

But at the same time, Yaniri was asked not to have a criminal history.

“A belief has the effect of preventing him from studying and working in the field [de la sécurité] “, Can we read in the decision.


Judge Marco Labrie, however, ruled that Yaniri’s gesture deserved a criminal record.

“The context of the COVID-19 pandemic is an integral part of the actual framework and the judge needs to consider it”, indicating the verdict, who was sentenced to probation and therefore to the criminal record.

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The appellate court, which took over the case, upheld the sentence, recalling that it was not an exaggeration and therefore had no reason to amend it.

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